Github: time to move away from it

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Time to deploy a gitlab instance ?

These are great news! (if confirmed)

Why should we move away?

seriously, are you jocking? :slight_smile:

you’re old enough to understand what such an event means for everybody

everything M$ aquired or touched in the past become … (fill the blanks)


There isn’t lack of alternatives :slight_smile:

I recall the crash of in 2010, the source code was hosted on the cluster IIRC, even with the backups it is wasted time for developers.

This will lead to other questions for atom because Microsoft pushes visual studio…do you think there is a room for both ?

Probably the closure of github to non-microsoft-products could be started into 12-24 months. There will be a lot of flights due only to new property, therefore close the access could be a win-lose situation:
win: more performance for microsoft customers and users
lose: bad PR and press review

I don’t think that Redmond (at least, under Nadella lead) will close only to Microsoft products so soon…

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I hope in Microsoft they are not so crazy to close GitHub or limit the service by any means! Let’s see…

This is a BIG question. I’m an atom user, and I don’t want to switch to VS! I’d rather go back to Emacs :smile:


Just to put everything into perspective. Microsoft is not the FOSS hater it was a decade ago. Since Steve Balmer stepped back and Satya Nadella took over, MS changed a LOT. In fact MS is one of the major contributors on Github:

This doesn’t mean I trust MS…:thinking:

Then again, I sincerely doubt they will close github for FOSS projects, but it mifgt be a good idea to have a backup plan in case they do.

I do agree that self hosted is not an option: way too much maintenance and way too risky.

Here is the link to the official MS statement on their blog:

mode troll ON

Microsoft is interested by FOSS because his cash system is less interested than before, people surf on internet by their mobile, even for playing now. The cash system of Microsoft is licence based and there are less sold computers now.

I am satisfied because what Microsoft touch, it will become broken…absolutely no doubt on this…they are a tyrannosaurus, we just need to wait his extinction.

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The reason is simple. They need a developers userbase because now the sell Azure and tecnologies for developers
Also, the really want show that they are a big player in the OSS space, buying one of the OSS symbols I think it’s an amazing idea from that perspective


I have many friends in Microsoft and I’m quite sure that they bought github in order to empower it not to close it.
FYI Microsoft is a massive user of github probably one of the biggest. They thought, why should I pay them if I can buy them? :slight_smile:

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no mac anymore ?

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Nope still Mac user and proud former elementary OS and Ubuntu fan I don’t use Windows since 1995 :wink:

Apple rejects our DKIM signed messages! They can’t be our friends :smile:


It’s not a matter of empowering or closing it
The real fact is that anything ms bought in the past become a PITA (Skype is the bigger example, but not the only one… Nokia anyone?)

20 000 people fired, 24 billions lost :’)

Nokia’s fate were clear at Elop nominee… And Nokia were great part (by my perspective) to improve quality and ideas in Windows Phone. It were only too late, even with Apple, BlackBerry and Android issues. Unfortunately, X50 Series and Windows Phone 10 had more issues than acceptable.

IMHO Skype gained problems (into computer OS client) but it was also a lot improved in usability and services (web version, for instance).

Anyway, both buyout were made under Ballmer siege, 6 tough years for MS without enough “vision”, compared with Gates or Nadella. Maybe, as experience had as sportguy at the college, he had to take challenges like “enemies to crush”.
In fact, he was hired as business manager, with math and economical skills to make the business run, but in Microsoft i think that people like Ballmer should be “wingmen” or “weaponed arm” for people who have vision, tech capabilities and keep the team together.

Get back to the topic…
Apple keeps doin’ quite great (consumer) hardware (with no enough options and overpriced like Space Shuttle missions) but way too closed software, and now seems even more vertical than IBM (quite hard to believe).
Don’t forget some big changes of Microsoft…

  • (power)shell is the default admin interface, GUI is made for wanna be tech and sysadmins (just like me)
  • now dev-ops is available and working as connected tool into AD forest, thanks to PowerShell
  • stability and security were a lot improved into 2008 R2 and latter Server OS
  • linux subsystem available (Ubuntu, unfortunately, not some less… flavoured distro)
  • OS as service (and of course subscription) business model, as target for the future
  • roaming profiles by default (“thanks” to Microsoft account)

No, i don’t think that Redmond is an nest of saints. Just like Cupertino, The usual hive of buzzy wasps.

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So day one after the earthquake, what is your (personal) decision :smiley: