Github: time to move away from it

ATM I have nothing relevant on Github, but many friends of mine decided to start a migration path

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But wasps can sting painful…

Regards Uwe


Thanks for reporting this.

I have included this on my minds channel.


Also, can someone identify the fourth logo that is displayed within the image that was linked by @Stefano_Zamboni (between the Skype and GitHub logos)?

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I think that you are misguided on that particular subject and would suggest that you examine the following YouTube channel.


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The only thing Apple is doing great is marketing
There is no technical (both on hw and sw sides) reason to buy apple, considering the price

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Apple devices are not technical solutions but instead are lifestyle (fashion) solutions. :wink:

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So they have closed Codeplex to then buy Github? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Looks like there also are people who think this is a positive move. Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of Linux Foundation has posted his thoughts:

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github was born to support devs and OOSS

M$ is not a charity foundation, AFAIK

once a big corporation acquire a company, nothing can be considered good (see oracle and mysql and many other examples)

I know it is a big PR stunt, but what I read on reddit is not all bad things:

I do think that your 20+ year old phrase you quote from wikipedia is not that valid anymore. Steve Balmer is LONG gone…

ok… in the meantime, let’s move away

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Open source has won the war. Definitely

Agree. Things are changed.

Maybe, time will say
In the meanwhile, many devs are leaving (gitlab had a 10x new users in the last days)

Yep, it could be a problem at the end, but for project like nethserver who uses github with jenkins to build rpm or to start auto-test it is not so easy to leave GH.

In fact the problem is not how many move but how many close their accounts. Nethserver moved to github in the hope to attract dev, if they are no more on GH…the project should move.

I saw that the gitlab import feature from github is well designed, when I will have time and after the rush I could move to gitlab or maybe another one.

My concern with gitlab is the azure machine behind :slight_smile:

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Thinking of it, this could be dangerous. Imagine I close my account, then someone could reopen it with my nickname and play a bit with my reputation.

I don’t see any problem for now.