Free space problem

continuous free space problem on the board … This is my second server, the first could not retrieve it because I get to 100%, How can I increase the space?
[root@nethserver ~]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
46G 43G 1.3G 98% /
tmpfs 1.5G 0 1.5G 0% /dev/shm
/dev/md1 496M 65M 406M 14% /boot

too late … i get to 100%%% .

some help ??

Disk Usage will tell where the space is being used.

too late … i get to 100%%% .

Some help??

du -sh /*
and check where are your files
I guess this command could be useful as well
du -sh /var/lib/nethserver/*


du -sh /*

@alefattorini Can you give me your best configuration of partition of disk with raid o not raid with 2 disk?

du -sh /var/* | sort -h
du -sh /var/tmp/* | sort -h

You have 26G of logs, it seems a lot to me.
Same commands to find what logs occupy most space:
du -sh /var/log/* | sort -h

I bet you can safely delete some old logs.

Create 2 NS, at 2 in less than 4 hours the disks were 100%

The 2nd NS install you created filled the disk you gave it in 4 hours?

You need to start looking at the logs and figuring out what’s broken.
What modules are you installing? What are you doing with these servers?

If something is logging 26G in a few hours, I think your system has a serious problem.
Why don’t you show us the log sizes?
ls -lS /var/log/

Inside logs you could find a repeating pattern, errors, etc.
Old logs can be safely deleted.

We start moving from zentyal server, basics network (1 lan, 2 wan),balance, proxy, dhcp, dns, firewall … This is the 2st server in 24hrs with the same problem

we delete the files but still the disk is full

log nmbd looks like a good place to start to look for repeating messages and errors, though I wouldn’t try to open a file that big.

Maybe give us a screenshot of your dashboard on the gui page so we can see your basic setup, black out anything you think you don’t want to share, ip, domain, whatever.

You’re going to have to tell us what your doing in some detail if we’re to help you quickly without playing 40 questions.

we can’t access the gui because we don’t have space.

Now we start another instalation of NS with 6.8.

you can use filezilla to connect via ssh and there you can delete old logs, if you want to use a graphical environment

yes, i did and delete all logs but the disk is full

Ok, well, plain installs of NS don’t fill up logs so you’ll want to review your logs from the gui and watch your log sizes from the cli as you add modules so you can narrow down what, in your setup, is unhappy.

Are you doing a hardware or virtual install?