Found my faith in Nethserver again

Dear friends,

a view weeks again, I wrote a topic with the title “Losing my faith and trust in Nethserver” and I have to say I was wrong with that.
The problems with the upstream-update from 7.4 to 7.5 frustated me deeply. And I can imagine that members of @dev_team have some more grey hairs since then.

This weekend I gave it another try. In preparation of a hardare change and upgrade from NS6.9 to NS7.5 I removed all costumization from the old server and removed all discontinued packages.
(Yes I did RTFM and that was good so!)

Friday I started. Setup a new NS, update, rsync-upgrade step1. Non of the users even noticed what I was doing, everything went flawless. At 5:30 p.m. I started the rsync-upgrade step 2 and only 2 hours later I was finished, including upgrade to AD.

I have to say, that everything worked as expected from a professional software!
Every user was present, no mess in groups, every calendar in SOGo was transfered, all crontabs, and so on… PERFECT!
The only issue I had was by my own stupidity with this old template-custom. :pensive:
As this is a production system a trial sbscription is running which will be udated to a paid one.
A small one, but a paid one. :blush:
On Monday my users could work as usual and didn’t really notice. That’s the way it should be.
IT is commonly not allowed to be expensive, IT has to work at any time and no one wants to notice the work behind all of this. And Nethserver helps me a lot to this! Without Nethserver I even wouldn’t be able to this by my own.

So please let my say thank you to all of you who are contributing to this great peace of software, especially to @dev_team ! You and your software are great!

I hope that we all together will drive this project to a promising future.


Ralf (aka flatspin)


Thanks for your words and your trust. I would forward your kind post to the whole community.



¿You migrate to AD (Nethserver DC i.e. Samba 4)? from 6.9 (Samba3) is it posible?
because I have a SMEserver 9.1 to make the migration to 7.5 but I couldn’t make the upgrade.

Hi @hector

sorry for late response, but luckily I have a real live job also :smile:

Yes, I did an upgrade from NS 6.9 to NS 7.5. It’s possible without to much complications.
Just have a look at:
I did the rsync-upgrade-method. Minimum down time for users and very comfortable. :+1:
BUT: This is with a new hardware! => Transfer from old to new, not on the same hardware.
On the same hardware you must go the “backup-method” or you do the rsync temporarely to another hardware and than back to original one, but this would be double work.
After the upgrade you can than upgrade to AD:
In my case everything worked flawless.

Sorry, but I left SME(8.1) 2 years ago an have no experice with migrating from SME.
IIRC @Stefano_Zamboni is involved in SME also and maybe he can give you advice how to migrate from SME to NS correctly.

BR Ralf

You should open your topic and detail your needs,
-how many users
-what do you need to migrate, emails or files
-what services you want
-do you want to go to virtual machine or real hardware

With your answers we could adjust our proposals

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Sorry, I won’t happen again :wink: but i was courious with the upgrade, let me read all the doc info and try to make it work by my self, then i’ll make a thread with such a topic.

It’s amazing to migrate a 6.x PDC to 7.X PDC with a single click. I have to practice it.