Fosdem 2021 and NethServer Community gathering

In a few months Fosdem2021 is going to happen Feb 6 and 7 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this will be an online event this year. Sure this is disappointing since it is an anual chance to see each other in person. On the other hand, this gives the opportunity to non-EU members to ‘visit’ Fosdem too.
We more or less have a tradition with Fosdem to also organize a community meeting with several small talks by NethServer members.
Together with @mrmarkuz and @oneitonitram I am setting up a server with a Jitsi-meet instance. The idea is to use this server during Fosdem as a meetingplace for NethServer members and have a chat with each other and perhaps, also do some presentations there.

So this is a call for presentations. If you have something to show or discuss, please come forward and we will plan this in. Maybe we could have a paneldiscussion, for instance deepen the challenges for the upcoming NethServer8 version. There already is a lively discussion in the forums. This discussion is far from over.

If you have ideas or other topics to discuss/present please reply. I hope the online version of our Community meeting during Fosdem will be as fun as the in person meetings we had the past years.


I’d love a food & beverages tr[au]ck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a great idea. We should look for people that made beautiful things with NethServer and ask them personally :slight_smile:

After the online course of filippo, I think we could have a public for an online NethServer event, This could be a good time to introduce who we are, what we do, what we love…

Obviously this is a lot of work :smiley:


Maybe we can split it into small presentations of 10 mins long


yes I think a remote event could be something new for us but the pro is that all the community could take part of it, going to Bruxelles for few days is not affordable to everybody.

Thanks for picking this up.
I agree that we should not try to fill in the online gathering ourselves. And having multiple 10 minute presentations from anyone of our community would be great to host as a base for this meeting.
Besides that, we could have a panel discussion. I could think of many subjects. For instance NS-8, or community development.
I am very much open for suggestions

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Panel sounds great :smiley:

I am sorry to see no further interest in this event. And since it is only 1 month from now, I have to cancel this, or if the community still wants to have an online community meeting, let someone else step forward and take over.

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I’m interested :raised_hand:

And I think @alefattorini has already some plans!

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I have your mail opened on my todo list since November 1st :slight_smile:

As always, I’m not good on proposing talks and organizing events, but I’d be more than happy to participate.
I’m also available for an AMA, as usual :wink:

It could be a great idea. We can collect some questions right here before and during the AMA :slight_smile:

FOSDEM is coming and it’s time to organize our event!

To avoid conflicts with CentOS Dojo, and respect our FOSDEM tradition, we would like to organize the event on Staturday, 6 February 2021.

What time do you prefer? All times are in CET timezone.

  • Morning: 10:00-12:00
  • Afternoon: 14:00-16:00

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The meeting will be online, we just need to choose the platform.
I would like to also register the event, @robb @oneitonitram @mrmarkuz do you think your Jitsi instance can handle it?
Otherwise Nethesis can provide a Zoom room.
Let me know!

@robb is already preparing a talk on the future of NethServer, anybody else want to propose a topic?
Talk slots will be 30 minutes long.
If we have time, we would like also to reserve a slot for questions and answers :slight_smile:

Drop me a private message if you want to be a speaker! Call for Papers closes Thursday, February 04 at 20 pm.

@ambassadors_group let me help to spread the word and invite our community members!


We used docker jitsi and it has some limitations as regards permissions so I don’t think it’s really usable.
At the moment I have problems with my provider and I don’t have other ressources to provide an ubuntu with full jitsi.
I think it would be cool if Nethesis can provide a zoom room where we know that everything works (including recording)


I agree with Markus. However it was a nice experiment to have some extra features on a nethserver instance. The VPS is a running on a 4GB VPS but I already see it is running out of memory rapidly.
If we can use a Zoom room, that would be more stable.
Alternatively is using a free jitsi room:
But you have to take into consideration that everybody who joins has admin rights on that room. If the cenversation is announced, it could attract people who want to mess around…


from experience, jitsi and nextcloud talk are more about bandwidth of the server than the RAM resources of the server.4 GB RAM should be able to handle about 100 users, this i have tested myself on jitsi meet.

if you have a lot of bandwidth, then it becomes easier to host many users.

@giacomo how many people are we expecting to host on the event. Generally