Fosdem 2021 and NethServer Community gathering

I really have no idea!
I hope more than 100, but probably less than 50 :smiley:

You can start a survey here.
I will be there, but I will miss the dinner… or perhaps we will have dinner at a video chat :poultry_leg: :beer: :beer: :beer:


I’ve already did, well … kind of :smiley: I hope that votes on the poll :point_up: could also count the number of interested people.
So far we have only 6 voters :cry:

i would def bring a beer haha

Folks please add your vote so we can pick the time for our gathering

why not call for a company offering high bandwidtch servers to sponsor us with a server to deploy jitsi meet inside it, so that we make use of that one that way we also showcase our solutions in action

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Because we do not have time to test solution :slight_smile: We already have a jitsi installation but I’m not sure it can handle the load, also the registration is not configured and it could take long time to validate it.

So if we already have a Jitsi installation than was proven to satisfy all requirements, we can go with it. Otherwise Zoom is a safer and quicker solution :slight_smile:

Please let’s focus on the meeting agenda as @alefattorini already pointed out! :wink:

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