Forced update on Nextcloud

I updgraded all software through the normal procedure in the nethserver software area, and i went to log into to nextcloud and i got this message. This is quite concerning as anyone will see this, thankfully, it is only a test machine but it would be a huge issue for production.

Could someone guide me to remove this page, and make sure it doesnt reoccur.

I believe the current nextcloud in nethserver is 25.0.6

Nextcloud 27.0.1 from nethserver-nextcloud-1.22.1-1* rpm package is the latest one.

If the installed version before updates was 25.0.6 you will face an upgrade error as described in the wiki (updates between multiple major versions are not officially supported).
Make sure to check which version was installed.

Although I consider it a “bug” it is not taken as one, but as a limitation imposed from upstream.
Usually, if updates are done regularly you wouldn’t see this problem, but if not then a nextcloud major version jump can happen and the problem arises. Fortunately, this problem is usually fixable, either with downgrade to a previous version then updating to latest, or alternatively by an “experimental” procedure (see wiki instructions).

i appreciate the speedy response but i clicked on the wiki and there is alot of info there. I went to the nextcloud forum and they suggested using this occ command but nothing changed: occ config:system:set --value production

  1. Should i remove that command and if so how.
  2. Where should i start at the wiki. I have been updating it regularly or at least i thought i did.
    If the wiki explains it, please tell me at what point do i refer to it.

Thanks again.

Can I upgrade Nextcloud via its built-in updater?
It is not recommended. NethServer manages updates through RPM packages.

ok, i figured it out, i was hasty…and it worked.

My only concerns are as follows:

  1. Do i need to remove that command as it didnt seem to do anything either way.
    occ config:system:set --value production
  2. How do i prevent this…apparently one update was missed…so it caused all these issues…isnt there a way that the updater would update to the next version first?

Thanks again for your quick reply.

I think it does not matter. Default one is stable channel (even if not specifically set). Other update channels are daily, beta and production. I don’t know the real differences between stable and production (maybe just delayed updates?) but as the updates are done through nethserver and not using the direct update channels, shouldn’t matter.

Not specifically for your problem, but a setting that (in theory) could prevent some sysadmin to inadvertently update from within nextcloud would be to use the config.php upgrade.disable-web setting to Disable the web based updater (as far as I recall the nethserver rpm package does not set it).

First find out the previously installed major release (to check if was 25.0.6 indeed):

grep "'version'" /usr/share/nextcloud/config/config.php
occ version

occ upgrade  # will tell you the update problem

From there, you can choose faster but experimental solution, or “safer” (meaning not tagged as experimental) but takes just a bit longer. Both options are describe in the wiki in the section pointed by the previous link.

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