NS8 Nextcloud updates question


Nextcloud (administration pages) advertises that there is a newer version available:


A new version is available: Nextcloud 27.1.3
All apps have a compatible version for this Nextcloud version available.

What is the policy on Nextcloud updates on NS8 please?


I’d expect it would be similar to under NS7: wait until the update is available through the Software Center (which in the case of NS8 means, wait until the Docker container is updated).

@danb35 is right: wait for ns8 module update.

I’ve tried many times to disable the version checker but I never succeeded.

It seems that adding the below parameters to config.php works. It does for me:

‘updatechecker’ => false,
‘has_internet_connection’ => false,


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Maybe it does not disable the update message, but something to consider…


I am wrong, this option set to false will also disable access to the Nextcloud App Store.

What I have done now is:

truncate -s 0 PATH_TO/nextcloud-app-data/_data/lib/private/Updater/VersionCheck.php

This will empty the file with the code that checks for a new version and presents an update channel. So this info is no longer show, however it will still show the installed version. Exactly what I needed in 1 command, since, indeed, the config parameters do not function properly.


Yes we’ll consider it! Thank you :heart:

Filed here: NethServer 8 · GitHub

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