Following Core Update NS8 no longer accessible

My current situation is almost identical to this.

I clicked to apply the latest core update, which appeared to stall at 16%. After some time, when this appear to be not moving along I went to the Logs page and started poking around to see if anything seemed out of place. In the logs I saw a large number of “permission denied” errors. After clicking around the menus a little more, the whole admin interface locked up and wouldn’t respond to anything.

After the reboot of the system nothing is working. None of the services started, no IP was assigned and most importantly, redis fails to start. Here’s the output from the 1st restart attempt:

What other information can I collect.


This also happened in my test system, the main node works, but the secondary one disappeared. The secondary cluster admin tells me to administer on the main one.

@EddieA I found some infos, maybe it helps:

Are there files in /etc/pam.d/* or is sss included in /etc/nsswitch.conf?
See also 1768954 – podman is not working, compains about sd-bus call

@nzsolt I don’t know if the issues are similar as @EddieA uses a single node cluster which doesn’t work anymore and you lost a node.

Did you try if the wireguard IP of the master (usually is reachable from the second node?


Are you using VPS? Maybe it helps to reload the firewall on the nodes?

firewall-cmd --reload