Select backup snapshot on restore

Following my trials and tribulations on an upgrade I thought it wise to test out my restore procedures. So I followed the Disaster recovery section of the latest manual by building a new NS8 from the qcow2 image and followied the instructions. This threw errors on 2 or 3 of the apps. Before reporting these errors I thought through the sequence of what I had done, and realised that the app backups had been taken after I had “patched” my broken NS8 to get it working again following the failed update. That meant that I really don’t know what state those app backups are in and could have been be the cause of the failures during the recovery and didn’t want to waste support time chasing red herrings

So I wanted to restore from a backup that was taken before that fateful upgrade and started to look how I could use a backup snapshot other than the latest one. Hmmmm, there appears to be nothing that I could find that allows you to specify which snapshot to use for a Disaster recovery or even just an individual app recovery.

So how do you.