File and Printer Sharing Problem

What would you specifically want to limit?

It would be hit and trial, since USB mouse and kB and USB HDD is connected to server.

There are USB Identifiers, I did not look at that correctly at first…
These will help you get the right device.

There is one IP that needs the limits.

Limits to accessing the Internet?
You can also completly block that single IP, much easier!

No the bandwidth limit, otherwise it will take the most of the bandwidth, and makes the internet speed slow. P.S you have seen yourself :smile:

Limiting the Internet Bandwidth on a single PC is not that easy.
What do you have as a router / firewall?
Is that client connected to the NethServer?

Limiting Bandwidth effectively would more or less mean forcing that PC to use a Proxy (NethServer or eg OPNsense). The firewall does NOT allow that PC access to the Internet, only the Proxy.

The Proxy needs a “Bucket” defined, where the allowed Bytes are defined. A Bucket is an analogy to the toilet flushing system, which is how this works.

In a modern toilet, you can flush once, it works. You can flush a second time, usually it will work too.
If you flush a third time, there is no more water in the “bucket” above the toilet - you need to wait until it refills, before you can flush again!

Hope that helps your understanding…

To set this up, AFAIK, there is no GUI… You need to know what you’re doing!

A proxy would also help you identify WHAT exactly this PC is using which is using up all your Bandwidth…

This source, be it FB or Youtube, can also be blocked…

Ok. Good night @Andy_Wismer and @mrmarkuz thanks…Will try in morning, remotely to first give printer sharing. Later on troubleshoot. First try to reduce all shares, disable DHCP on router


Wish you a good night’s rest!

A good brain reboot often helps! :slight_smile:

Have you tried blocking Telegram I am unable to do so. Downloading Movies via telegram is giving me trouble in my main unit. I am using PFSense.

No, I haven’t ried yet - as so far I do not have clients using Telegram at all… :slight_smile:

But I can see what can be done…


See here:

My 2 cents