File and Printer Sharing Problem

I tested the server in main unit before sending it to the site and even printer sharing too. But fail to understand if DNS is the issue then how clients was able to join the AD, and why when connecting the client PC share from another, it’s authorization fails.

Maybe because the clients use two DNS servers, it works one time and the other time it doesn’t work because it depends on the used DNS to get a right answer for the AD domain. This was the reason you needed to enter NS and NSDC entries which is usually not needed if the client use NS as DNS.


What if you try to open the share to everyone just to check if it’s a permission issue…

@mrmarkuz yes I can ping the IP and the hostname. And both NSDC and NS IP with its hostname was set manually adviced by @Andy_Wismer at the start, when Client’s were not able to join the AD.

I tried with using one DNS entry also, and flushing the DNS cache also.

The AD domain itself is pingable too?

Full domain with tld???

Yes, full AD domain name. It should resolve to the NSDC IP.

Hadn’t checked it. Will do it in morning 9 AM and right now it’s 9.30Pm now here in India. Will try after disabling DHCP of the router.

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With Win7 client I could do that, but when I try to do the same with Win10, I am unable to do that. Btw few clients are able to connect to the shared printers.


Hi Tejas

I read here in this post that you have 40 clients at this site…


You ARE aware of the fact the a Win10 PC will allow 10 connections?
This is valid for File & Print - or anything using Windows Networking, also known as SMB or CIFS.

Maybe the 10 connection limit is enforced more by Win10…

It is NOT enforced for pure TCP/IP printing, but it is enforced for Windows Printing…

My 2 cents

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Good point, it seems the connection limit in Win 10 is 20.

Another way would be to connect the printer to the NethServer or use a cheap USB print server device.


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@Andy_Wismer the limit for Win10 is 20, but it is for a single PC, but the PC through which the printer is connected is sharing the printer with two more desktop. A typical deptt. Have 3-4 Desktops only and sharing 1-2 printers among each other. However in Workgroup the total shares in the network if exceeds 50 creates the problem, and I suppose that’s the limit also for the max shares of all the shares in a workgroup. I faces such problem once in a CA office, who were sharing all there drives even Their DVD drives to all, and the limit could be increased by editing registry in the client PC. Temporary nice advice of connecting the printer directly with the NS server since the location of the Server is in the But one problem is it’s not NS, rather Proxmox over which NS is installed in VM. Cheap Print Server or connecting Printer with Synology NAS seems better temporary arrangement. How could I connect USB device with NS VM on Proxmox or should I installed cups in Proxmox.

I know in VMWare you can pass through USB, don’t know if it’s possible in Proxmox. @Andy_Wismer what do you think?

USB & Serial Ports are absolutely NO problem in Proxmox!

Heck, I’ve even connected my Z-Wave Aeotec to my Proxmox and am passing the USB to my HomeAssistant VM…

No Issues with this!

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You can even pass thru a Grafik Card, to use GPU…
I’ve seen a Hackintosh using this… :slight_smile:

On Proxmox - first on Mac Hardware, than on better hardware!

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Great, that would give me some time to troubleshoot the problem. Will arrange PFSense/OPNSense since the Microtik Router is giving me headache and is maintained by ISP,

How to do that??

Note: This USB is a Z-Wave, not a Printer, but as long as you identify the right USB (Not to pass thru eg your USB-Mouse!)…

Andy do I have to add USB device in pve hardware or any other setting for USB device.

I am also thinking of replacing the gateway from router to NS handling DHCP and DNS with NS. The electrical and LAN wiring would be ready by tomorrow from router to server. And is there any option of putting bandwidth limitations to the specific IP.


All you have to do is plug in the USB Printer in Proxmox - if the printer is powered on, it should be available for passthru within a 1-2 minutes… :slight_smile:
You do need to choose the right USB Device if several are plugged in. I had a keyboard and mouse additionally and chose the wrong one at first…