Error with container image name starting with a number

Now here is the interesting bit, especially pertaining to below

the docker reference source for this app is as defined here

    --label="${app_version}" \

Inside the app container service file we are supposed to define as such


since we can not begin with the name, is there another way, we can re-define it and have it implemented within the context of the app?

maybe @stephdl and @davidep would be kind enough to help with this conundrum.

and i believe solving this problem, would enable me solve another similar challenge i have experiences in another app as well.

@stephdl any ideas?

Your image name is not good should be 2FAUTH_IMAGE

is that an environment variable or it isn’t?

that was my attempt to change it to somethign other than 2FAUTH_IMAGE

because the env begining with 2 is being rejected, and thus does nto work. any idea what should be done?

When you have started the service check the environment file you might have some surprise inside I suppose

Else I have no clue you need to dive with the google link I posted

thank you @davidep path me up once resolution is in sight.

EDIT: is there a card to track this issue?

Here it is! NethServer 8 · GitHub