Error while updating nethserver and installing packages from software center

(Andi Domi) #1

I just installed Nethserver.
And after the instalation i decided to:
1.Update the packages through Nethserver terminal
2.Install some packages though the web-gui

But i get a 14:PYCURL ERROR 6 error upon yum update
And a Error Could not retrieve mirrorlist error was 14: PYCURL ERROR 6 - "Couldn't resolve host ''" {"error": "Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: centos-base. Please verify its path and try again"} error while accessing software center

I followed this topic and i disabled ipv6 but i get the same result
I also tried this command , and some commands here but i still get the same error.
Does anyone have any idea how can i fix this?
Thank you for your time :smile:

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #2

Hi Andi,

It seems that you don’t have internet connection or misconfiguration of DNS.

Kind regards,

(saikrishnavedaraju) #3

Hope check ur internet connection first it’s due to internet connection.
First let me know you are configuring with green or green and red interfaces

(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #4

are you behind a proxy?

(Andi Domi) #5

Well i got my dns from nm-tool command in my terminal, maybe is not the right command …
@saikrishnavedaraju i cant access the web-gui and my host pc has a working internet connection :confused:
@mabeleira no im not behind a proxy

Ill try to delete this virtual machine and create a new, fresh one, maybe that helps!

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #6

I think is misconfiguration between host pc and vm.
You need bridge between NICs.
I know that somewhere in this forum you will find how to configure NS as VM.

(Jose G Jimenez S ) #7

How is the network card configured in virtualbox?

(Andi Domi) #8

Ok ill have a lookt at it right now!
@jgjimenezs this is the ifconfig in the virtual machine

(Jose G Jimenez S ) #9

I am installing a virtual machine - Video Tutorial.

(Jose G Jimenez S ) #10

Are you using as your virtualbox bridge network?

Try this:

  1. Use mode network bridge
  2. The NethServer gateway IP is the IP of your router

(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #11

Youre nethserver is a virtual machine? how are is the network adapter
configured? if you cant acces the gui? how you managed to print the
software management screen?

(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #12

can you access the gateway from the virtual machine?

(Andi Domi) #13

I am in a bridge mode, wlan0 (as i am on a wifi connection) to be precise still noting …
@mabeleira yes im on a virtual machine, and i can access the gui i just cant install packages through “software center” option :confused:
nor yum update on the vm
And yes, i can ping on the vm !

(Jose G Jimenez S ) #14

try ping


I’m using the ip of my router as a gateway

(Andi Domi) #15

it shows :

ping : unknown host

(Andi Domi) #16

Thank you!!!
On the network tab i changed the default gateway (that was to the router one
And now it works :smiley:
Thank you again :smile:

(Jose G Jimenez S ) #17

you’re welcome @Andi_Domi

(Alessio Fattorini) #18

Good to know, @Andi_Domi you have to pay a :beer: to these guys @jgjimenezs @mabeleira @saikrishnavedaraju @GG_jr

Think that something like this might help in this cases:
How about a set of configuration tests?

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #19

Another case closed! Solved! :smile:

(Andi Domi) #20

I believe i have to!
But im gonna ask them again so ill better give them a :beer: and a :pizza:
Thanks again guys :smile: