How about a set of configuration tests?

To find out whether my configuration is working, some tests could be useful at the moment doing using shell
but not everyone is comfortable with it so I’m just wondering if we add this tests

After installation for test NethServer connectivity (after first network configuration?)

  • test if an outgoing IP is reachable (good routing)
  • test if an outgoing hostname is reachable (good dns configuration)

After mail module installation

  • test sending an email

If flagged "Send using a smarthost"

  • test an email using smarthost

Some other tests can be suggested

This is a proposal to discuss, i have no idea if putting all tests in one panel for use them at any time or showing every single test after a configuration action or installation action.
What do you think? We want to design any mockup? That’s the owncloud way as example


Yes @alefattorini configuration tests would be a great thing.

I think that each module/feature/part of NethServer should have its own separate test based on which I have installed.

For instance in the backup configuration section:

  • connectivity/mounting test for local or network backup destination
  • write then read test on the destination backup

That’s all at the moment.

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Absolutely, that’s a good example like it!

How do you test, after first installation, if NethServer is going on internet? Or is it capable to send email? Are you using the CLI?

Personally I do this:

  1. from a client I open my web browser and SSH client (PuTTY) and check local connectivity
  2. from SSH client I try to reach an external host (eg. ping to and DNS resolution
  3. I try to send an email to a local user (unnecessary but I’m paranoid) and to an external address
  4. I check how NethServer presents itself to the outside world such as: public IP, reverse DNS resolution, email headers
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Today same problem, a customer asked me why NethServer couldn’t send emails
He configured a fail DNS internal server, so configuring google I have fixed the issue.
A simple configuration test which can check all such simple stuff could be really useful :smile:

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I revive this topic because I am increasingly convinced that we need that. New people are not at ease with the shell and we should make their life easier. Probably it’s not smart to force them to

  • download a client
  • connect via ssh
  • use some fancy commands like: ping, dig, smbclient
  • understand the outcome
  • make some additional tests

With just basic commands it’s not trivial check if:

  • there is a third party proxy behind NethServer
  • NethServer can send email properly
  • NethServer can go outside, reach the mirrors and download stuff


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