Error updating old installation

It turned out at someone to update in Russia?

Maybe these can help you.
Did you already cleaned up the yum cache?

All that can be already cleared

yum --enablerepo=* clean all && yum update -y Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events, product-id, search-disabled-
: repos, subscription-manager
This system is not registered with an entitlement server. You can use subscription-manager to register.
Cleaning repos: C7.0.1406-base C7.0.1406-centosplus C7.0.1406-extras C7.0.1406-fasttrack
: C7.0.1406-updates C7.1.1503-base C7.1.1503-centosplus C7.1.1503-extras
: C7.1.1503-fasttrack C7.1.1503-updates C7.2.1511-base C7.2.1511-centosplus
: C7.2.1511-extras C7.2.1511-fasttrack C7.2.1511-updates C7.3.1611-base
: C7.3.1611-centosplus C7.3.1611-extras C7.3.1611-fasttrack C7.3.1611-updates
: C7.4.1708-base C7.4.1708-centosplus C7.4.1708-extras C7.4.1708-fasttrack
: C7.4.1708-updates C7.5.1804-base C7.5.1804-centosplus C7.5.1804-extras
: C7.5.1804-fasttrack C7.5.1804-updates base base-debuginfo base-source
: c7-media ce-base ce-extras ce-sclo-rh ce-sclo-sclo ce-updates centos-sclo-rh
: centos-sclo-rh-debuginfo centos-sclo-rh-source centos-sclo-rh-testing
: centos-sclo-sclo centos-sclo-sclo-debuginfo centos-sclo-sclo-source
: centos-sclo-sclo-testing centosplus centosplus-source
: collaboraoffice.com_repos_CollaboraOnline_CODE-centos7 cr epel epel-debuginfo
: epel-source epel-testing epel-testing-debuginfo epel-testing-source extras
: extras-source fasttrack nethforge nethforge-testing nethserver-base
: nethserver-testing nethserver-updates remi remi-debuginfo remi-glpi91
: remi-glpi92 remi-glpi93 remi-glpi94 remi-php54 remi-php55
: remi-php55-debuginfo remi-php56 remi-php56-debuginfo remi-php70
: remi-php70-debuginfo remi-php70-test remi-php70-test-debuginfo remi-php71
: remi-php71-debuginfo remi-php71-test remi-php71-test-debuginfo remi-php72
: remi-php72-debuginfo remi-php72-test remi-php72-test-debuginfo remi-php73
: remi-php73-debuginfo remi-php73-test remi-php73-test-debuginfo remi-safe
: remi-safe-debuginfo remi-test remi-test-debuginfo sb-base sb-centos-sclo-rh
: sb-centos-sclo-sclo sb-epel sb-extras sb-nethserver-base
: sb-nethserver-updates sb-updates updates updates-source veeam
Cleaning up list of fastest mirrors
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events, product-id, search-disabled-
: repos, subscription-manager
This system is not registered with an entitlement server. You can use subscription-manager to register.
Determining fastest mirrors
epel/x86_64/metalink | 30 kB 00:00:00

If above article doesn’t help to resolve this issue please use

One of the configured repositories failed (CE-Base-7.6.1810),
and yum doesn’t have enough cached data to continue. At this point the only
safe thing yum can do is fail. There are a few ways to work “fix” this:

  1. Contact the upstream for the repository and get them to fix the problem.

  2. Reconfigure the baseurl/etc. for the repository, to point to a working
    upstream. This is most often useful if you are using a newer
    distribution release than is supported by the repository (and the
    packages for the previous distribution release still work).

  3. Run the command with the repository temporarily disabled
    yum --disablerepo=ce-base …

  4. Disable the repository permanently, so yum won’t use it by default. Yum
    will then just ignore the repository until you permanently enable it
    again or use --enablerepo for temporary usage:

    yum-config-manager --disable ce-base

    subscription-manager repos --disable=ce-base

  5. Configure the failing repository to be skipped, if it is unavailable.
    Note that yum will try to contact the repo. when it runs most commands,
    so will have to try and fail each time (and thus. yum will be be much
    slower). If it is a very temporary problem though, this is often a nice


    yum-config-manager --save --setopt=ce-base.skip_if_unavailable=true

failure: repodata/repomd.xml from ce-base: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try. [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found

Changed repository to$basearch/ and immediately came to upgrade I’m afraid has anyone tried this?

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                      Arch   Version                        Repository          Size
 kernel                       x86_64 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7            ce-updates          50 M
 kernel-devel                 x86_64 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7            ce-updates          18 M
 nethserver-cockpit           noarch 1.1.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 2.2 M
     replacing  PackageKit.x86_64 1.1.10-1.el7.centos
     replacing  PackageKit-yum.x86_64 1.1.10-1.el7.centos
     replacing  cockpit-packagekit.noarch 183-1.el7
 python-requests              noarch 2.6.0-5.el7                    ce-base             94 k
     replacing  python2-requests.noarch 2.6.0-0.el7
 GeoIP                        x86_64 1.5.0-14.el7                   ce-base            1.5 M
 NetworkManager               x86_64 1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.1             ce-updates         1.9 M
 NetworkManager-libnm         x86_64 1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.1             ce-updates         1.7 M
 NetworkManager-ppp           x86_64 1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.1             ce-updates         169 k
 NetworkManager-team          x86_64 1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.1             ce-updates         163 k
 NetworkManager-tui           x86_64 1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.1             ce-updates         326 k
 NetworkManager-wifi          x86_64 1:1.18.0-5.el7_7.1             ce-updates         200 k
 adcli                        x86_64 0.8.1-9.el7                    ce-base            113 k
 alsa-lib                     x86_64 1.1.8-1.el7                    ce-base            425 k
 apr                          x86_64 1.4.8-5.el7                    ce-base            103 k
 audit                        x86_64 2.8.5-4.el7                    ce-base            256 k
 audit-libs                   i686   2.8.5-4.el7                    ce-base            102 k
 audit-libs                   x86_64 2.8.5-4.el7                    ce-base            102 k
 audit-libs-python            x86_64 2.8.5-4.el7                    ce-base             76 k
 bash                         x86_64 4.2.46-33.el7                  ce-base            1.0 M
 bind-libs                    x86_64 32:9.11.4-9.P2.el7             ce-base            154 k
 bind-libs-lite               x86_64 32:9.11.4-9.P2.el7             ce-base            1.1 M
 bind-license                 noarch 32:9.11.4-9.P2.el7             ce-base             88 k
 bind-utils                   x86_64 32:9.11.4-9.P2.el7             ce-base            258 k
 binutils                     x86_64 2.27-41.base.el7               ce-base            5.9 M
 biosdevname                  x86_64 0.7.3-2.el7                    ce-base             38 k
 cairo                        x86_64 1.15.12-4.el7                  ce-base            741 k
 centos-release               x86_64 7-7.1908.0.el7.centos          ce-base             26 k
 chrony                       x86_64 3.4-1.el7                      ce-base            251 k
 cockpit                      x86_64 195.1-1.el7.centos.0.1         ce-extras           48 k
 cockpit-bridge               x86_64 195.1-1.el7.centos.0.1         ce-extras          552 k
 cockpit-storaged             noarch 195.1-1.el7.centos.0.1         ce-extras          361 k
 cockpit-system               noarch 195.1-1.el7.centos.0.1         ce-extras          1.6 M
 cockpit-ws                   x86_64 195.1-1.el7.centos.0.1         ce-extras          806 k
 conntrack-tools              x86_64 1.4.4-5.el7                    ce-base            187 k
 coreutils                    x86_64 8.22-24.el7                    ce-base            3.3 M
 cpp                          x86_64 4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            5.9 M
 cronie                       x86_64 1.4.11-23.el7                  ce-base             92 k
 cronie-anacron               x86_64 1.4.11-23.el7                  ce-base             36 k
 cryptsetup-libs              x86_64 2.0.3-5.el7                    ce-base            338 k
 cups-libs                    x86_64 1:1.6.3-40.el7                 ce-base            358 k
 curl                         x86_64 7.29.0-54.el7                  ce-base            270 k
 dante                        x86_64 0.2.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base     25 M
 device-mapper                x86_64 7:1.02.158-2.el7               ce-base            294 k
 device-mapper-event          x86_64 7:1.02.158-2.el7               ce-base            189 k
 device-mapper-event-libs     x86_64 7:1.02.158-2.el7               ce-base            189 k
 device-mapper-libs           x86_64 7:1.02.158-2.el7               ce-base            322 k
 device-mapper-multipath      x86_64 0.4.9-127.el7                  ce-base            143 k
 device-mapper-multipath-libs x86_64 0.4.9-127.el7                  ce-base            265 k
                              x86_64 0.8.5-1.el7                    ce-base            423 k
                              x86_64               ce-base             92 k
 iwl100-firmware              noarch               ce-base            159 k
 iwl1000-firmware             noarch 1:             ce-base            222 k
 iwl105-firmware              noarch              ce-base            243 k
 iwl135-firmware              noarch              ce-base            252 k
 iwl2000-firmware             noarch              ce-base            245 k
 iwl2030-firmware             noarch              ce-base            254 k
 iwl3160-firmware             noarch                ce-base            1.7 M
 iwl3945-firmware             noarch               ce-base             97 k
 iwl4965-firmware             noarch             ce-base            110 k
 iwl5000-firmware             noarch              ce-base            303 k
 iwl5150-firmware             noarch                ce-base            155 k
 iwl6000-firmware             noarch               ce-base            176 k
 iwl6000g2a-firmware          noarch              ce-base            318 k
 iwl6000g2b-firmware          noarch              ce-base            319 k
 iwl6050-firmware             noarch               ce-base            251 k
 iwl7260-firmware             noarch                ce-base            1.1 M
 iwl7265-firmware             noarch                ce-base            7.3 M
 kernel-debug-devel           x86_64 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7            ce-updates          18 M
 kernel-headers               x86_64 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7            ce-updates         8.7 M
 kernel-tools                 x86_64 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7            ce-updates         7.8 M
 kernel-tools-libs            x86_64 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7            ce-updates         7.7 M
 kexec-tools                  x86_64 2.0.15-33.el7                  ce-base            346 k
 kmod                         x86_64 20-25.el7                      ce-base            122 k
 kmod-libs                    x86_64 20-25.el7                      ce-base             51 k
 kmod-xt_ndpi                 x86_64 2.8.0-1.3.gbb7b27b.ns7         nethserver-base    208 k
 kpartx                       x86_64 0.4.9-127.el7                  ce-base             78 k
 krb5-libs                    x86_64 1.15.1-37.el7_7.2              ce-updates         805 k
 krb5-workstation             x86_64 1.15.1-37.el7_7.2              ce-updates         816 k
 libX11                       x86_64 1.6.7-2.el7                    ce-base            607 k
 libX11-common                noarch 1.6.7-2.el7                    ce-base            164 k
 libblkid                     x86_64 2.23.2-61.el7                  ce-base            181 k
 libblockdev                  x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base            119 k
 libblockdev-crypto           x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             60 k
 libblockdev-fs               x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             66 k
 libblockdev-loop             x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             51 k
 libblockdev-lvm              x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             62 k
 libblockdev-mdraid           x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             57 k
 libblockdev-part             x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             60 k
 libblockdev-swap             x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             52 k
 libblockdev-utils            x86_64 2.18-4.el7                     ce-base             58 k
 libcap                       i686   2.22-10.el7                    ce-base             48 k
 libcap                       x86_64 2.22-10.el7                    ce-base             47 k
 libcgroup                    x86_64 0.41-21.el7                    ce-base             66 k
 libcom_err                   x86_64 1.42.9-16.el7                  ce-base             41 k
 libcurl                      x86_64 7.29.0-54.el7                  ce-base            222 k
 libdb                        i686   5.3.21-25.el7                  ce-base            731 k
 libdb                        x86_64 5.3.21-25.el7                  ce-base            720 k
 libdb-utils                  x86_64 5.3.21-25.el7                  ce-base            132 k
 libdrm                       x86_64 2.4.97-2.el7                   ce-base            151 k
 libgcc                       i686   4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            110 k
 libgcc                       x86_64 4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            102 k
 libgomp                      x86_64 4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            158 k
 libgudev1                    x86_64 219-67.el7_7.1                 ce-updates         101 k
 libicu                       x86_64 50.2-3.el7                     ce-base            6.9 M
 libipa_hbac                  x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            147 k
 libkadm5                     x86_64 1.15.1-37.el7_7.2              ce-updates         178 k
 libldb                       x86_64 1.4.2-1.el7                    ce-base            144 k
 libmount                     x86_64 2.23.2-61.el7                  ce-base            183 k
 libndp                       x86_64 1.2-9.el7                      ce-base             32 k
 libnetfilter_cthelper        x86_64 1.0.0-10.el7                   ce-base             18 k
 libreport-filesystem         x86_64 2.1.11-43.el7.centos           ce-base             40 k
 libsmartcols                 x86_64 2.23.2-61.el7                  ce-base            141 k
 libsmbclient                 x86_64 4.9.1-6.el7                    ce-base            137 k
 libss                        x86_64 1.42.9-16.el7                  ce-base             46 k
 libssh2                      x86_64 1.8.0-3.el7                    ce-base             88 k
 libsss_autofs                x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            149 k
 libsss_certmap               x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            175 k
 libsss_idmap                 x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            152 k
 libsss_nss_idmap             x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            158 k
 libsss_sudo                  x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            147 k
 libstdc++                    i686   4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            318 k
 libstdc++                    x86_64 4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            305 k
 libtalloc                    x86_64 2.1.14-1.el7                   ce-base             32 k
 libtdb                       x86_64 1.3.16-1.el7                   ce-base             48 k
 libteam                      x86_64 1.27-9.el7                     ce-base             49 k
 libtevent                    x86_64 0.9.37-1.el7                   ce-base             40 k
 libtirpc                     x86_64 0.2.4-0.16.el7                 ce-base             89 k
 libudisks2                   x86_64 2.7.3-9.el7                    ce-base            127 k
 libuuid                      x86_64 2.23.2-61.el7                  ce-base             83 k
 libwbclient                  x86_64 4.9.1-6.el7                    ce-base            110 k
 linux-firmware               noarch 20190429-72.gitddde598.el7     ce-base             73 M
 lm_sensors-libs              x86_64 3.4.0-8.20160601gitf9185e5.el7 ce-base             42 k
 lvm2                         x86_64 7:2.02.185-2.el7               ce-base            1.3 M
 lvm2-libs                    x86_64 7:2.02.185-2.el7               ce-base            1.1 M
 lz4                          i686   1.7.5-3.el7                    ce-base            111 k
 lz4                          x86_64 1.7.5-3.el7                    ce-base             99 k
 make                         x86_64 1:3.82-24.el7                  ce-base            421 k
 mariadb                      x86_64 1:5.5.64-1.el7                 ce-base            8.7 M
 mariadb-libs                 x86_64 1:5.5.64-1.el7                 ce-base            759 k
 mariadb-server               x86_64 1:5.5.64-1.el7                 ce-base             11 M
 mdadm                        x86_64 4.1-1.el7                      ce-base            435 k
 mesa-libEGL                  x86_64 18.3.4-5.el7                   ce-base            109 k
 mesa-libGL                   x86_64 18.3.4-5.el7                   ce-base            165 k
 mesa-libgbm                  x86_64 18.3.4-5.el7                   ce-base             39 k
 mesa-libglapi                x86_64 18.3.4-5.el7                   ce-base             45 k
 microcode_ctl                x86_64 2:2.1-53.el7                   ce-base            2.0 M
 mod_ssl                      x86_64 1:2.4.6-90.el7.centos          ce-base            112 k
 neon                         x86_64 0.30.0-4.el7                   ce-base            166 k
 net-snmp                     x86_64 1:5.7.2-43.el7                 ce-base            331 k
 net-snmp-agent-libs          x86_64 1:5.7.2-43.el7                 ce-base            706 k
 net-snmp-libs                x86_64 1:5.7.2-43.el7                 ce-base            750 k
 net-tools                    x86_64 2.0-0.25.20131004git.el7       ce-base            306 k
 nethserver-antivirus         noarch 1.4.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base    955 k
 nethserver-backup-data       noarch 1.6.3-1.ns7                    nethserver-base     63 k
 nethserver-cockpit-lib       noarch 1.1.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates  33 k
 nethserver-dante             noarch 1.0.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base    433 k
 nethserver-duc               noarch 1.7.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base     79 k
 nethserver-fail2ban          noarch 1.2.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base    913 k
 nethserver-firewall-base     noarch 3.7.1-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 126 k
 nethserver-firewall-base-ui  noarch 3.7.1-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 1.6 M
 nethserver-httpd             noarch 3.6.1-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 1.2 M
 nethserver-httpd-admin       noarch 2.4.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base    1.6 M
                              noarch 3.6.1-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates  41 k
 nethserver-lang-en           noarch 1.4.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates  25 k
 nethserver-lang-ru           noarch 1.4.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 101 k
 nethserver-mail-common       noarch 2.8.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 1.5 M
 nethserver-mail-filter       noarch 2.8.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates  78 k
 nethserver-mail-smarthost    noarch 2.8.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates  50 k
 nethserver-ndpi              x86_64 1.3.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base    199 k
 nethserver-ntopng            noarch 2.2.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base     77 k
 nethserver-openssh           noarch 1.3.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base     29 k
 nethserver-release           noarch 7-16.ns7                       nethserver-updates  26 k
 nethserver-restore-data      noarch 2.0.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base    617 k
 nethserver-sssd              noarch 1.5.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base    106 k
 nethserver-subscription      noarch 3.5.0-1.ns7                    nethserver-base     51 k
 nethserver-vpn-ui            noarch 1.2.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 812 k
 nfs-utils                    x86_64 1:1.3.0-0.65.el7               ce-base            412 k
 nmap-ncat                    x86_64 2:6.40-19.el7                  ce-base            206 k
 nspr                         x86_64 4.21.0-1.el7                   ce-base            127 k
 nss                          x86_64 3.44.0-4.el7                   ce-base            854 k
 nss-pem                      x86_64 1.0.3-7.el7                    ce-base             74 k
 nss-softokn                  x86_64 3.44.0-5.el7                   ce-base            329 k
 nss-softokn-freebl           i686   3.44.0-5.el7                   ce-base            214 k
 nss-softokn-freebl           x86_64 3.44.0-5.el7                   ce-base            224 k
 nss-sysinit                  x86_64 3.44.0-4.el7                   ce-base             64 k
 nss-tools                    x86_64 3.44.0-4.el7                   ce-base            528 k
 nss-util                     x86_64 3.44.0-3.el7                   ce-base             79 k
 numactl                      x86_64 2.0.12-3.el7                   ce-base             65 k
 numactl-libs                 x86_64 2.0.12-3.el7                   ce-base             30 k
 openssh                      x86_64 7.4p1-21.el7                   ce-base            510 k
 openssh-clients              x86_64 7.4p1-21.el7                   ce-base            655 k
 openssh-server               x86_64 7.4p1-21.el7                   ce-base            459 k
 openssl                      x86_64 1:1.0.2k-19.el7                ce-base            493 k
 openssl-libs                 x86_64 1:1.0.2k-19.el7                ce-base            1.2 M
 pango                        x86_64 1.42.4-4.el7_7                 ce-updates         280 k
 parted                       x86_64 3.1-31.el7                     ce-base            609 k
 passwd                       x86_64 0.79-5.el7                     ce-base            105 k
 patch                        x86_64 2.7.1-11.el7                   ce-base            110 k
 perl-Archive-Tar             noarch 1.92-3.el7                     ce-base             73 k
 plymouth                     x86_64 0.8.9-0.32.20140113.el7.centos ce-base            116 k
 plymouth-core-libs           x86_64 0.8.9-0.32.20140113.el7.centos ce-base            108 k
 plymouth-scripts             x86_64 0.8.9-0.32.20140113.el7.centos ce-base             39 k
 policycoreutils              x86_64 2.5-33.el7                     ce-base            916 k
 policycoreutils-python       x86_64 2.5-33.el7                     ce-base            457 k
 polkit                       x86_64 0.112-22.el7_7.1               ce-updates         170 k
 procps-ng                    x86_64 3.3.10-26.el7                  ce-base            291 k
 psmisc                       x86_64 22.20-16.el7                   ce-base            141 k
 pytalloc                     x86_64 2.1.14-1.el7                   ce-base             17 k
 python                       x86_64 2.7.5-86.el7                   ce-base             95 k
 python-chardet               noarch 2.2.1-3.el7                    ce-base            227 k
 python-ethtool               x86_64 0.8-8.el7                      ce-base             34 k
 python-firewall              noarch 0.6.3-2.el7_7.1                ce-updates         352 k
 python-libs                  x86_64 2.7.5-86.el7                   ce-base            5.6 M
 python-linux-procfs          noarch 0.4.11-4.el7                   ce-base             33 k
 python-perf                  x86_64 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7            ce-updates         7.8 M
 python-sssdconfig            noarch 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            165 k
 python-tdb                   x86_64 1.3.16-1.el7                   ce-base             19 k
 python-urllib3               noarch 1.10.2-7.el7                   ce-base            103 k
 quota                        x86_64 1:4.01-19.el7                  ce-base            179 k
 quota-nls                    noarch 1:4.01-19.el7                  ce-base             90 k
 rdma-core                    i686   22.1-3.el7                     ce-base             50 k
 rdma-core                    x86_64 22.1-3.el7                     ce-base             50 k
 readline                     x86_64 6.2-11.el7                     ce-base            193 k
 rpcbind                      x86_64 0.2.0-48.el7                   ce-base             60 k
 rpm                          x86_64 4.11.3-40.el7                  ce-base            1.2 M
 rpm-build-libs               x86_64 4.11.3-40.el7                  ce-base            107 k
 rpm-libs                     x86_64 4.11.3-40.el7                  ce-base            278 k
 rpm-python                   x86_64 4.11.3-40.el7                  ce-base             83 k
 rspamd                       x86_64 1.9.4-3                        nethserver-base    6.6 M
 rsyslog                      x86_64 8.24.0-41.el7_7                ce-updates         616 k
 samba-client-libs            x86_64 4.9.1-6.el7                    ce-base            4.9 M
 samba-common                 noarch 4.9.1-6.el7                    ce-base            209 k
 samba-common-libs            x86_64 4.9.1-6.el7                    ce-base            170 k
 samba-common-tools           x86_64 4.9.1-6.el7                    ce-base            455 k
 samba-libs                   x86_64 4.9.1-6.el7                    ce-base            260 k
 selinux-policy               noarch 3.13.1-252.el7.1               ce-updates         492 k
 selinux-policy-targeted      noarch 3.13.1-252.el7.1               ce-updates         7.0 M
 shadow-utils                 x86_64 2:4.6-5.el7                    ce-base            1.2 M
 smartmontools                x86_64 1:7.0-1.el7                    ce-base            546 k
 sssd                         x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            139 k
 sssd-ad                      x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            270 k
 sssd-client                  x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            207 k
 sssd-common                  x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            1.4 M
 sssd-common-pac              x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            210 k
 sssd-ipa                     x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            360 k
 sssd-krb5                    x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            180 k
 sssd-krb5-common             x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            214 k
 sssd-ldap                    x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            233 k
 sssd-proxy                   x86_64 1.16.4-21.el7                  ce-base            174 k
 subscription-manager         x86_64 1.24.13-3.el7.centos           ce-updates         1.1 M
 subscription-manager-rhsm    x86_64 1.24.13-3.el7.centos           ce-updates         323 k
                              x86_64 1.24.13-3.el7.centos           ce-updates         228 k
 sudo                         x86_64 1.8.23-4.el7                   ce-base            841 k
 systemd                      x86_64 219-67.el7_7.1                 ce-updates         5.1 M
 systemd-libs                 i686   219-67.el7_7.1                 ce-updates         417 k
 systemd-libs                 x86_64 219-67.el7_7.1                 ce-updates         411 k
 systemd-python               x86_64 219-67.el7_7.1                 ce-updates         137 k
 systemd-sysv                 x86_64 219-67.el7_7.1                 ce-updates          88 k
 tcpdump                      x86_64 14:4.9.2-4.el7                 ce-base            421 k
 tdb-tools                    x86_64 1.3.16-1.el7                   ce-base             31 k
 teamd                        x86_64 1.27-9.el7                     ce-base            113 k
 tmpwatch                     x86_64 2.11-6.el7                     ce-base             39 k
 tuned                        noarch 2.11.0-5.el7_7.1               ce-updates         268 k
 tzdata                       noarch 2019c-1.el7                    ce-updates         493 k
 udisks2                      x86_64 2.7.3-9.el7                    ce-base            401 k
 udisks2-iscsi                x86_64 2.7.3-9.el7                    ce-base             36 k
 udisks2-lvm2                 x86_64 2.7.3-9.el7                    ce-base             61 k
 unzip                        x86_64 6.0-20.el7                     ce-base            170 k
 usermode                     x86_64 1.111-6.el7                    ce-base            193 k
 util-linux                   x86_64 2.23.2-61.el7                  ce-base            2.0 M
 vim-minimal                  x86_64 2:7.4.629-6.el7                ce-base            443 k
 volume_key-libs              x86_64 0.3.9-9.el7                    ce-base            141 k
 xfsprogs                     x86_64 4.5.0-20.el7                   ce-base            896 k
 yum                          noarch 3.4.3-163.el7.centos           ce-base            1.2 M
 yum-cron                     noarch 3.4.3-163.el7.centos           ce-base             64 k
 yum-plugin-changelog         noarch 1.1.31-52.el7                  ce-base             34 k
 yum-plugin-fastestmirror     noarch 1.1.31-52.el7                  ce-base             34 k
 yum-utils                    noarch 1.1.31-52.el7                  ce-base            121 k
 kernel                       x86_64 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7            @ce-updates         63 M
 kernel-devel                 x86_64 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7            @ce-updates         37 M
Installing for dependencies:
 bind-export-libs             x86_64 32:9.11.4-9.P2.el7             ce-base            1.1 M
 geoipupdate                  x86_64 2.5.0-1.el7                    ce-base             35 k
 libgfortran                  x86_64 4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            300 k
 libquadmath                  x86_64 4.8.5-39.el7                   ce-base            190 k
 nethserver-lang-cockpit      noarch 1.4.2-1.ns7                    nethserver-updates 1.2 M
 openblas-serial              x86_64 0.3.3-2.el7                    epel               4.3 M
 python-syspurpose            x86_64 1.24.13-3.el7.centos           ce-updates         266 k

Transaction Summary
Install    4 Packages (+7 Dependent packages)
Upgrade  326 Packages
Remove     2 Packages

Total download size: 443 M
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I guess your repo issue comes from the time you disabled mirrorlist= and set baseurl= pointing to a specific Russian mirror (to workaround the limited access from Russia).

The version 7.6.1810 is no more available from mirrors (it was moved to and respectively).

It’s time to upgrade :wink:

Configure also the other repositories baseurl= and take into account that /etc/yum.repos.d/NethServer.repo is now a template file: you need to set up a template-custom.