Error messages by Samba

Nethserver 7.9.2009 with Samba AD

Hello together,

i have Samba running on my Netserver DC.I have a total of four clients in the domain. Besides the home directories, I have another share set up with a subfolder in it.
In the network environment, next to the shares, I see since two days a hidden share ($) pc-02@…, as you can see on one of the pictures. For this the log spits out error messages. My clients have Windows 11 Enterprise as OS. How do I get rid of the error messages?

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Edit: After restarting the server, the share pc02 disappeared from the network view on the client.

Screenshot 2021-10-24 095020

It’s a known bug and can be ignored.

To avoid the log entry you may create an rsyslog config as explained here for sogo.

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Hi mrmarkuz,

thanks for the answer. How must the edit look like?

Creating /etc/rsyslog.d/smbaudit.conf with following content should work, I didn’t test…

if $programname == "smbd_audit" and $msg contains "change_to_user_internal" then stop

Same result like before.

Did you restart the rsyslogd service? I’m going to test it later…

I restarted the server.

I can’t reproduce the error but it works here with other log entries.

Maybe the underscore is an issue?

You may try this:

if $programname startswith 'smb' and $msg contains 'internal' then stop

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