Error log related to dovecot

NethServer Version: 7.8
Module: webserver (with vhosts), mail, firewall, IPS, fail2ban, ntopng, webtop

I found a lot of error logs in my nethserver system log that refer to all single user mailboxes.
var/log/maillog and var/log/imaplog seems to be fine.

imap( Error: /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/ reset, view is now inconsistent

| --- | --- |

I have not configured any shared mailboxes / group mailboxes.

What means such error, what should I do?

Best regards, Marko

Supposedly fixed in v2.3.8 (released for CentOS 8, not released for CentOS 7)

When dovecot.index.pvt is empty, an unnecessary error is logged:
Error: …/dovecot.index.pvt reset, view is now inconsistent

Other/related causes and workarounds:


When deleting a public maildir in filesystem (rm -rf …) and copying
back from backup, it’s older than the users’ dovecot.index.pvt files.

Then the following error appears:

Error: /var/vmail/users/dr/.public-indexes/folder1/folder2/dovecot.index.pvt
reset, view is now inconsistent

This happens because the index.pvt is no longer valid, because you rm -rf’ed things.
rm all the dovecot.index.pvt files. The assert-crash should probably not happen at all.

BUG: Error: dovecot.index.pvt reset, view is now inconsistent when shared folder is new and empty

UserA share XXXXX folder with UserB, if XXXXX folder is new (never touched) and empty every time UserB looks in that folder, an error appears in log file. If UserA copy a mail in XXXXX folder, no more errors. If UserA (or UserB) delete all mails in XXXXX folder (the folder is empty again), no more errors.

if the folder is empty, but not new (p.e. UserA has already copied and deleted mails in that folder) error is logged only once.

dovecot.index.pvt reset, view is now inconsistent

The log message appears for empty “public” folders.
The log message disappears if you drop an email into X, then remove it.

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