Empty users in roundcube public LDAP Addressbook

I’ve installed NS7 rc1 with samba NS for users.
When I open roundcube, I see 6 users in the public LDAP addressbook:
3 that I added, and 3 that seems to be empty.
Can I safely remove these? Or are they necessary, but should be hidden? (bug?)
[edit:] I now see I can’t remove them, button is greyed out.


If I remember well, when you set up Samba AD, there are some hidden users, groups and accounts that are created by the AD inside the NS (3, 16, 2).

I think it is about the three users.


I’ve read something about that too. But when they are hidden, shouldn’t they be hidden in the address book as well?

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NethServer 7.2 alpha 3 - "First Blood"

Maybe Roundcube “read deeply”, or it’s a bug in this case.
In Users and groups they are not shown, only in Dashboard, as numbers.

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I agree, we should find a way to hide them in the address book too… How?

Perhaps we can restrict the LDAP filter…

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in the meantime I started using NS7rc2 for my family.
The domain is myname.nl, so users are me@myname.nl, wife@myname.nl, daughter@myname.nl, etc
But their mailaddresses are wife@wifesname.nl, daughter@daughtersname.nl etc.

So, when I want to mail my wife, if start typing in to: wife, and got presented two options:
wife@wifesname.nl (>mailaddress from personal addressbook)
wife@myname.nl (>username from LDAP addressbook)
Idem for my daughter.

Is it possible to hide the latter as well (although they are valid destinations, I’d rather not use them.)
I am aware this is not a bug, but rather a feature-request. But since it’s quite related to the empty entries marked as bug, I post it in this topic.

Is this still on the issuelist?

Would you mind opening the bug?

done. First time on github, hope it’s OK.


Could you paste here its URL?