eMail move from Zentyal to nethserver - newbie questions!

Hello everybody!

I am also a migrating from Zentyal because there less and less work the way I imagine so.
Remember however that this has been discussed extensively in the forum.

I run three non profit server which I now want to switch gradually.
with a 5 user (private)
with a 6 user (private)
one with 130 users (charity Civil Protection)

I have some questions about this:

a) how to best move the email accounts of Zentyal the new nethserver 6.6?
(In Zentyal 4.0, the mails are indeed open the Mail Account (/ var / vmail / user).
In NethServer but I can not find the mail;-(/ var / spool / mail / user are no messages in SoGo they do appear ?!
What are the mails physically?

b) Is it planned that the GUI is translated to several languages?
Can you help ??

Unfortunately, I’m talking German and dream in German - so I always find it enjoyable if I understand everything at a glance without thinking first;-)

My English is enough for me on vacation - that I did not starve;-)

Thank You! Regards


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Imapsync (now i’m afk i can help you in the afternoon gmt+1)


Sure, we’re discussing it please reply there if interested

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If Zentyal uses dovecot imap server, you could simply copy maildirs.
NethServer maildir path is /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/


Hi @gerald_FS ,

nice to meet you herein … I am Thorsten formally on Zentyal Forum as well.

Best regards

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