Elastix moved on 3CX

I just read this:


Basically, they have moved from an OSS software to a closed one and that’s very interesting from an open source and community perspective.

Users boil it down to:

No Elastix anymore

Just a few discussions from their community:

That’s about legal issues:

What do you think? How can a thing like this happen? Any users of Elastix or 3CX?
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Interesting… I had no idea this was happening. I’m glad I walked away from elastix and 3cx long ago.

And now? Where did you move on?

I ran away from elastix and now using freepbx. Since elastix 3 the direction was not clear to me anymore and I decided to find an alternative. I would advise anyone still running elastix to stick with 2.5.

Can I ask you why? I don’t know the product so well


Elastix vs trixbox !! remember what has happened ? trixbox went their commercial way and Elastix became the king with its nice features and GUI (no one forgets the freepbx interface that was there since Elastix’s day 1)
Elastix lost its war the moment they started lagging behind, support for Asterisk was always 2 years behind.
Even these days they are still behind, the last time I looked at Elastix was one year back and the asterisk version was still on 11.
Bottom line I was one of Elastix fan but lost interest to Freepbx 4 years back.
I am not surprised to see people leaving the Elastix’s boat with no regrets.

Freepbx has made a big step starting from version 12 and from what I have see so far they are steadily moving forward. Their system is great.

Interesting argument, what do you think about having last Asterisk/FreePBX version on NethServer?


I expressed my interest earlier on this project, to have this worthwhile I urge you to find someone willing to work on the SIP module (Nextcloud-Freepbx sip webrtc)

You mean to say freepbx 13 with asterisk14 .
In my opinion asterisk14 is very good , not seeing lots of errors generated and really getting very reliable with rich features

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I am using 3CX in my office… I was able to secure a free license … and to be honest, it is a pretty easy to setup on their hardware or BYOD. The thing is they basically closed up all the loose ends. You can not longer do a Raspberry Pie install. Which was a great way to get very small offices… say 1 to 10 phone systems a way to purchase and ultra cheap system. I am a small provider and am using the free license they have for 10 and below users. The truth is simple with 3CX. They don’t want competition - and Elastix and PBXinaFlash where competition. 3CX bought them out to level the playing feild and take over the accounts and users that where depending on those OpenSource avenues. It is truely sad. As much as I definetly want 3CX around for what it can offer. I still want other OpenSource choices avalibility.

I don’t know 3CX so well, I’m keen to know if others are on the same line. @clinton @fred @adam @nas @Shadowfire @Adam_Reed @advcorp @petralemoisson @Ivashenkov @chrisg @ghost @petralemoisson @medworthy

Hi all,
yea, seems like 3CX dont like competition at all, I will reserve my
comments on the system, only because it is very Monopoly & Microsoft
I have tried the one version of 3CX on BSD, but it is all license,
License and money…
FreePBX is the ultimate way to go, unfortuneatly, Elastix, will never
be able to be replaced, the modules which were included on that system,
POS, scheduler, billing was
ahead of its time. WEBRTC is the way to go, I am now a Voice engineer
for 5 large call centers and we have gone with 3 FreePBX, 10
The zioper sdk is a brilliant Webinterface if thats what you looking

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I agree with Clinton on his point of view.
Yes Elastix had so many features, some of them were great and some not that good. Features and modules diversity were perfect .
Well after all you cannot have everything in life. It is sad for those attached to Elastix as for me I abandoned Elastix since years simply because it was lagging behind Freepbx as well as having 2 versions of asterisk conflicting with each others and confusing us.

We have Freepbx deployed on VMs in most of our installation and they work without issues.
The risk will always be there to turn Freepbx into another commercial 3CX (Trixbox, Elastix…) , until then we keep on using it and enjoying its features.
Freepbx webrtc is very good and stable as well.
Camilio is another system but way behind in user friendliness and ease of use.
Freeswitch can be also an alternative but large scale, you can also look into Wazo this is not very bad.
The bottom line Freepbx has a large community that can support you should you face a problem all others forget about punctual support.
Freepbx can be loaded on dev boards, I have it running on many flavors of RK3288 based boards (T-Firefly , Ugoos…). Does not run fast on Rasp boards. One issue though (forget about CDR on those boards due to an issue with database connection) other than that Freepbx rocks on those boards.

Hope the answer was satisfactory.

People might be interested in this project — http://www.issabel.org/ — I believe it to be a fork of Elastix 4 with most of the core developers involved. The base OS is Centos 7.3 with asterisk 11.25. I haven’t replaced my existing Elastix setup yet but testing is looking good.

Thanks @ghost that’s a great answer! You are a real expert in this field.
Ehi @half_life1052 good hint, it looks interesting /cc @Stll0 @mrchiao

I used trixbox some time ago, then I came to pbxinaflash and elastix, which provided more features but they’re all going 3cx direction, which is bad commercial gaga(to be friendly) in my opinion. Using the free 3cx version lacks automatic updates and such important things, so I don’t want to support 3cx in any way, when they don’t change their philosophy.

Full agreement.

I’ll give this project a try and report my experiences…although I really like FreePBX integration in Nethserver.


Some people are working hard on this --> @Stll0 @mrchiao and others

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Thank you, I am already testing nethserver-freepbx and I love it…just like to have a look at other pbx distros too.

Issabel looks good at first, but


I am part of users that used 3cx version 12, 14 and now on version 15. The experience is great. As an administrator that manage the companies application, i logged in the the portal 5 months ago because i have no issues to solve. I need to know if Asterisk support 3cx integration via bridge, trunk or any other technology

Do you use the “free” 3CX license? I was not satisfied with free version anymore, is it still the same?


SIP trunk should be possible.