Edit MS-Word files hosted on a VPS?

Hi Folks,

I am looking for a way to edit word documents hosted on NS-Webserver.
The solution is for my customers and should work without a VPN.

MS-Word is installed on the Windows 10 Clients. The server will be installed on a VPS.
It should be possible to edit the files directly. Do you know a Solution, please tell me?

Nextcloud and OpenOffice should do the job.

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Just Nextcloud or would I need Collabora/Onlyoffice too?

If your goal is only to use MS Word to edit the files stored there, you wouldn’t need Collabora or OpenOffice. If you also wanted to be able to edit them through a web interface, you’d need one of those additional packages.

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OK, thank you for the hint. I am not sure if they are just development versions… What would you use in a production environment?

Nextcloud definitively not development versions, they are production.

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Be aware of the bad move by onlyoffice to make a ‘free’ version that can only view docs.
See Onlyoffice removes editing in community edition of nextcloud
I have both onlyoffice and collabora online running on my server, so I can choose whatever version I would like to use.

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In this case, just collabora would fit for us…

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…and note that, as discussed in that thread, this restriction applies only to mobile apps–a regular computer can still edit files through the web interface. It’s also unclear if this restrictions applies to OnlyOffice proper, or only to the version bundled with Nextcloud as “Hub”.

I tested with proper onlyoffice and from version 5.5 of documentserver mobile clients can just view anymore. I assume it’s the same for newer hub versions but didn’t test yet.


Do we have the 20 user home use limit with Collabora Online under Nextcloud?

Never tested but I assume yes as we use CODE.

OK, thank you Markus!

Edit: And thank you to all the others…!