Onlyoffice removes editing in community edition of nextcloud

wow, this is huge,

good thing we had our version nethserver

They want money…

It’s a bad move but only editing from mobile devices is affected.

I hope somebody is mking a fork or we can use the old hand made version. I is that posible … (the old one)

whatever happened with collabora

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Hello Nitram

I will try but the Custumer has a lot od MS Office Docs… at this point onlyoffice is real nice :wink: in the past we can compile them by our selfs with all function

what happens when someone forks an open source project then instead of distributing, offers it as a hosted service, like office 365,

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That will be nice

What is about cryptpad is it an alternative?

sound nice :slight_smile: so we had to try :wink:

on their demo, i noticed cryptpad spreadsheed uses onlyoffice. but overall, it looks great.

their wiki tool is more stunning

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Am curios regarding this matter. was onlyoffice completely abandoned by nextcloud and overall nextcloud community and majority opensource solutions. seems most things with nextcloud mention collabora alot more and that seems to be the direction most people are taking