Dynamic dns error

it seems the default is force https but I do not know why dyndns doesn’t offer anymore a free ssl service

I understand why I get rid of them many years ago

╭─stephdl@leo.lan ~  ‹master› 
╰─➤  curl -k https://checkip.dynu.com  
Current IP Address:   

it seems that dynu could provide a free service but I think we need to trick it

changeip too
╭─stephdl@leo.lan ~ ‹master›
╰─➤ curl -k https://ip.changeip.com


could you try it ? over ssl and not encrypted, I use it locally since along time on my server

Ok stephdl, I modified as you wrote to me, on 2 servers that use the same service. I’ll update you as soon as possible. At the moment, thank you as always.

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check the external IP and reboot the box, if it has changed then check your dynamic dns provider to validate the change. Thank you too @france you found a valid bug

Ok, let’s say that thanks to you who solve it … I just reported it.

However, I restarted the router and the clients work, currently in http and not https. But one of them gave me a mistake, I don’t think anything about that. Anyway I’ll go around.

protocol is undefined like you see the above message

I fixed the issue in the 2.0.4 about no ssl and dyndns, see:


Hi, I updated the two servers with the ddns, but on one of the two it reports me by email error:

Nov 27 22:31:57 golub ddclient[4246]: WARNING: file /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.cache, line 3: Invalid Value for keyword ‘ip’ = ‘’

Did you modify your settings or you just updated your server ?

What is the content of the file ?

I started the update, but this error reported it before … the first server does not give errors, the second continues to report the previous error.

WARNING: file /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.cache, line 3: Invalid Value for keyword ‘ip’ = ‘’
WARNING: found neither ipv4 nor ipv6 address

Hi all,

I am following this thread because my dyndns does’t work properly. I have to update manually every 30 days at noip.com.

If I try to change the frequency in the Manager (980) I received:

Tasks completed with errors
# (exit state)

If I reload the page, the new frequency is there.

I receive this error using checkip.dyndns.org or checkip.dyndns.org:8245 or ip.changeip.com with SSL or not.

Then if I run:

# /usr/sbin/ddclient

User root receives this email.

WARNING: found neither ipv4 nor ipv6 address regards, [ddclient@titi.toto.org](mailto:ddclient@titi.toto.org) (version 3.9.1)

But if again I run /usr/sbin/ddclient, then user root receives no more warning message.

# curl -k https://checkip.dynu.com
Current IP Address:

# curl -k https://ip.changeip.com

But, since this is my main NS server, I don’t like to test too many things on it.
I don’t mind to update manually every 30 days.

Long time ago, I tested the noip.com client on a LOCAL VM and it worked correctly…


Also, another email to root:

WARNING:   file /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.cache, line 1: program version mismatch;
ignoring /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.cache

Ref: ddclient / Thread: [Ddclient-support] file /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.cache, line 1: program version mismatch;...

Hi Stephane, this morning I received other email messages after the upgrade, I am sending them to you to update you of the change made :slight_smile:

cat /etc/ddclient.conf

# ================= DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE =================
# Manual changes will be lost when this file is regenerated.
# Please read the developer's guide, which is available
# at NethServer official site: https://www.nethserver.org

daemon=300                            # check every 300 seconds
syslog=yes                                      # log update msgs to syslog
mail=admin@mylan.local              # mail update msgs to root
mail-failure=admin@mylan.local      # mail failure msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ddclient/ddclient.pid                       # record PID in file.

use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.org/, web-skip='Current IP Address:' 

## Noip (noip.com) dynamic addresses
server=dynupdate.no-ip.com, \
protocol=noip, \
login=myhost, \
password=xxxxxxx \

cat /var/cache/ddclient/ddclient.cache

## ddclient-3.9.1
## last updated at Sun Nov 28 14:36:02 2021 (1638106562)
atime=1638106562,custom=0,host=golub.ddns.net,ip=,mtime=0,static=0,status=15,warned-min-error-interval=0,warned-min-interval=0,wtime=0 golub.ddns.net

Could you try another checkip not relevant to dyndns.org

tested with my dual wan it works with dyndns


use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.org/, web-skip='Current IP Address:' 

maybe we need the clues inside /var/log/messages

4274:Nov 28 15:21:56 firewall ddclient[25918]: SUCCESS: updating stephdl.domain.com: good: IP address set to

what about of

[root@firewall ~]# db dyndns show

the problem is on your side I bet, you have to dive to understand