Dynamic dns error

I have been installing dynamic dns support for about a month, and I often get this message:
WARNING: found neither ipv4 nor ipv6 address

Maybe your server is behind CG-NAT?! (Often it happends here in Brazil).

Hi, yes the server / servers sonp 2 is behind the firewall - However if the address changes the client does its job of renewing the ip on the noip.com servers. Common is a mistake that I can omit or not? Thanks .

Are you using this ddclient?

? Btw, i dont seem to recall nethserver having ipv6 support… does it!? :stuck_out_tongue:

My dear this is what I read from the error message! :nerd_face:

However, if everything continues to work with regard to the IP change , I often receive error emails from the servers where it was configured …

Did you try another “Service to check external IP”?

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Hi Markus, yes, I tried all three of them. @Ssabbath also occasionally receives this error. I don’t know where to look.

On your server could you do a

curl http://external_ip_retriever

Hi, it works perfectly. As previously written despite varying the parameters for the check, I often get the error on the email.

What is the output of

curl -k https://checkip.dyndns.org/

Do it in the terminal of the server running ddclient

Hi, with checkip.dyndns.org it crashes and I don’t see anything.

curl: (7) Failed connect to checkip.dyndns.org:443; Operation now in progress

[root@ns7 ~]# curl http://checkip.dyndns.org/

Current IP CheckCurrent IP Address:

it seems we need to remove the https

So turn off the https flag from the parameters?

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@france is Fastweb your ISP?


Few years ago commuting from TIM to Fastweb lead an FTP script from Windows to… stop working suddenly (NAT issues, I theorized).
Customer was not considering to switch back ISP, so i transformated his script-ftp-backup to script-webdav-backup. (and encrypred 7.zip file, but whataver…)

During last few years TIM did “not nice things” on it’s network (using B-Class subnets between CPE and public network). So maybe…

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Thank you, I can’t say… However, I use pfsense with 2tguardian (servers are excluded from filters), the ssl in the connections I transit for e2guardian are not in MID (man on the middle) but only requests are forwarded. At the moment I have performed the indications of @stephdl and I am no longer receiving errors. Finally, other users like @ssabbath also have these errors. Thank you anyway for your opinion!

I correct myself! Keep giving me an error as before despite having disabled ssl.
But unlike before, if I do, here’s:

curl -k http://checkip.dyndns.org/

Current IP CheckCurrent IP Address:

I’m doing other tests, here’s the result from my MAC only with a smartphone connection:

yes me too, I need to check if the https is default (from my rpm) or if you have added it lately. Need to check ASAP

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