Dovecot.index.pvt view is inconsistent

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009

I get several error messages:

imap(yyy@xxx): Error: /var/lib/nethserver/vmailyyy@xxx/Maildir/shared/testpostfach@politik.lokal/.INBOX/dovecot.index.pvt view is inconsistent

How to fix these?

Here are some workarounds:

I have tons of such errors. Unfortunately, the overview is completely lost in such spam.

What exactly is the workaround to fix this?

I think @mrmarkuz means these ones:

and this one:

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I have tons of log messages:
/var/lib/nethserver/vmail/yyy@xxxxl/Maildir/public/dovecot.index.pvt view is inconsistent

The file does not exist however and the directoy only contains a file dovecot.index.pvt.log

How to solve this

BTW: What is the use of the public spam folder, which is read only and empty?

Can you help?

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what inside

I do have for each folders


Install mlocate, then do updatedb, try to find locate dovecot.index.pvt you need to get one per user folder email

binary file :expressionless:

All errors are in folders under “shared” or “public”. Also I deleted a user, who shared the mailbox without another one, so that there are folders of the deleted user under shared.

How to tidy this up? Actually Nethserver should not leave that many garbage after deletion of users. Especially when cannot handle these non-deleted files without massive errors in the logs.

Can I just delete these folders?

Sorry for late response, I was at holiday.
@davidep Can you help? Or who is the right one?

Problem still there.

Did you already try the posted workarounds?
Another option could be to suppress the log entries in rsyslog like it’s done for sogo, see also SOGo — NethServer 7 Final

If you’re willing to stray away from upstream Index of /ce-2.3.19/centos/7/RPMS/x86_64/ has latest build for COS7, runs fine but needs some config mods.

Which mods exactly?
The question is whether this could introduce additional incompatibilities?

ssl_protocols setting was replaced by ssl_min_protocol
ssl_parameters was replaced with ssl_dh
SSLv2 is no longer supported as SSL protocol
ssl_min_protocol default changed to TLSv1.2, as older TLS versions are deprecated
change it to TLSv1 or TLSv1.1 if you need to support older, deprecated protocols