DOMOTICZ - home automation


I’m just back to tinkering and wants to install a program but before I make my NS possibly unstable, I wanted to ask you if eevtl someone who has already installed and set up the program.

And I want to operate domoticz on the server, all instructions I have found for installation refer to DEBIAN.

It is a home automation software, on my RASPI it runs wonderfully, meets all requirements and relatively simple to use.
Ideal for me!

Would be grateful if someone would share his knowledge with me, even better if someone already has experience :wink:


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Found some links but compile did not work in my first tests:

Exactly, that was my problem too.
Are still more howto but nothing fits on CentOS.

Since I already had problems that then nothing went more I am meanwhile a bit cautious.

Maybe not directly helpfull to get domoticz running on NS, but did you consider to use another home automation platform?
AFAIK is very well supported by numerous IoT devices and there are RPM’s available for openhab.

Thanks for pointing out, yes I’ve tested different platforms in the last few months. (OpenHab, IOBroker, FHEM and Domoticz)
After a long test, Domoticz is left over, it fulfills fully and completely that I expect. (GUI, operation, functionality, design)

One of the most important points is the WAF (woman acceptance factor) - top!

Thus, I will bite the bullet and test it on the NS server, until then it keeps running on my “old Orange Pi”.

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