Do like our VPN panels?

Just wondering if our ipsec and openvpn implementation is handy enough or hard to administrate and understand.
Please answer yes or no but feel free to elaborate if
you want to, making some examples.

I’ve tried the OpenVPN interface and for me it is quite easy to administer it, although I had two issues (which I did not close and I did not tested hard, though, so do not take them too seriously):

  • We use tls-auth ta.key 0 parameter on server, I did not find any way to configure it via GUI (@giacomo suggested to upload the ta.key anyways inside the certificates part, but IIRC this didn’t work);
  • Without editing the VPN configuration after installation of nethserver-openvpn, doing the worst thing and uploading a client configuration inside /etc/openvpn then restarting the service openvpn, this breaks the service. We workaround renaming the default configuration file which is present after installation (the .conf file) and then restart openvpn; this way, our client configuration works fine but at a following restart of the server will recreate the default file. This seems not to happen if you enable the VPN service then disable it via NethGUI.

Here we are :wink:

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I’m using OpenVPN on 5 instalations of NS. Everything is OK and clear. But one thing is boring. Downloaded configuration is named by user, not by site. Eg. my configuration is named miko.ovpn. But on every site. And windows client is unable to recognize and I have to rename *.ovpn by sites.

I’m using openVPN in bridged-mode with user, password and certificate. I had no problems so far.
For my needs and skills everything is fine with vpn-panel. :slight_smile:

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As I pointed out in a different post [1], I believe the panels and some of the functionalities are missing.
I would love to have a single panel where I can manage all the functions without having to delve into the command line.

Thanks and best regards,

[1] OpenVPN site2site and roadwarriors simultaneously