Disk raid mount on gui

NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
I take a look at this Add a disk to my Nethserver - Support - NethServer Community

All on VMware for testing
1)Step one I added 1 main virtual HDD installed neth -->ok
2)Step two I added 4 virtual hdd for testing disaster etc
I made a RAID1

Dispositivo RAID STORAGE
Device /dev/md/STORAGE
UUID 552d087b:0af4076e:58205d9b:49b08de3
Capacity 500 GiB, 537 GB, 536735645696 byte
RAID Level RAID 1, 4 Dischi
Bitmap flagged
State In esecuzione(running)

500 GiB xfs File System /dev/md/STORAGE1

Dimensione 500 GiB
UUID 069553a7-dc81-439d-9b09-fc59842a1917
Tipo ebd0a0a2-b9e5-4433-87c0-68b6b72699c7

Punto di montaggio /var/lib/STORAGEXFS
Opzioni di montaggio defaults
Montato a /var/lib/STORAGEXFS

I can’t see it inside the disk panel also after a reboot

df -h is ok

2021-12-15 18_44_44-Window

pwd and wget has worked

2021-12-15 18_46_08-Window

the purpose is to activate AD and sharing on this FS


Not in the GUI, but you can use:

cat /proc/mdstat

to view the mirroring stats…

But still a VERY bad idea…
This means you intend to install a NethServer directly, not as a VM!
Nowadays, one doesn’t install “real” servers anymore. You install well protected VMs, on a solid Hypervisor.

All my 30 clients run their NethServer with AD, file, print, NextCloud & Zabbix as a VM on Proxmox.
Proxmox includes complete Backup, even for Windows, no need for third party stuff like Veeam…

My 2 cents


Hy Andy

It is all underground VMware essi the real hardware is olready in raid.

I’m doing some test with raid .

I should see it …


Raid on Raid works very badly, no matter if using VMWare ESXi, Microsoft HyperV, Xen or Proxmox…

It eats up too many resources…


Not only that, it’s pointless and counterproductive.