Discourse Revamped Theme

Dear NethServerians

As we eagerly await the upcoming release, I’ve decided to give our community theme a fresh new look! Here’s a sneak peek at the exciting changes:

:art: Revamped Theme: Anticipating the new release, we’ve given our community theme a makeover. The new look not only enhances aesthetics but also brings in a slew of functional improvements.

:desktop_computer: User-Friendly Sidebar: Introducing a user-friendly sidebar that simplifies navigation, allowing you to quickly access what you need. What’s even better? It’s completely customizable to suit your preferences! I have added the most used category and version tags, so you can easily filter ns8 only discussions.

:mag: Prominent Search Bar: I’ve added a highly visible search bar to facilitate easy exploration of past discussions. Whether you’re looking for older threads or seeking information about NethServer8, this feature is designed to streamline your search.

:globe_with_meridians: Easy Access to Links: To make your experience even smoother, I’ve relocated the links to the website and documentation to the top left corner.

This is a test, and your feedback is invaluable! Explore the new UI, and let me know what you think. I am open to making modifications based on your suggestions.

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No Kidding @alefattorini this is aactually a very wonderful new upgrade, i can now find “stuff” in the community much easier, and is much much more organized. Thanks for this.

Now the nethserver website…DEMANDING :sweat_smile:

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Thanks so much :smiley:

I’m working on it but I need some time. But in the meantime, I’m finishing the NethSecurity site…

where is it, is it live yet?

Also, maybe Unrelated, You seem like a designer Have you seen this Penpot 2.0 sneak peek: new CSS Grid Layout & Components coming soon! - YouTube


Sorry but… the part upon thread list there is… a lot of unuseful pixels compared to the previous theme.
Which was less “introductive”, but had more info. The threads.
Maybe trim some pixels here and there for compact more the head?
IDK… put the welcome and extended search box into upper banner?


Any link to the wiki is gone?


Just because I’m waiting for someone who help us to upgrade it with NS8 info.
Can you lend a hand?

The link is on the main site documentation page.
I don’t see the point in removing it: Information still valid (more or less so) for NS7; the easier is to find the wiki more chances for users to contribute to it disregarding the NS version.

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Let me see what I can do. I’ll get back to you.