Did you know Yunohost?


I’m digging here and see this:

And I remember another project:

This project has an other objective, self-hosting.
It`s more for particular than for SME.

But the way to do is similar:

  • Make the task easier
  • With a webgui

Did you know this project? What do you think? Is there`s synergies?

So making a conclusion about Yonuhost , it would be great if NS implement some parts from it , such as :

  1. DokuWiki +
  2. agendav + it dublicates with SOGO but still it is pretty
  3. wallabag +

I didn’t know it till now, thanks for your link. Our goals are pretty different, they want “a server operating system aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone” it seems oriented for personal use, also it’s based on debian with a custom packages builder.
Anyway it’s really pretty, the site, the administration! Really nice, clear and modern, I’d like to take some inspiration from it.
@davidep our NethGui man could take a look at it :wink:
They’re using Discourse too!!!

I’d use Yunohost quite a bite;
it’s easy to use, it’s truly for particular, will say from homeuser, i’m not sure i’ll use it as a public server.

They have a lot of little issue, exemple if you deploy it ten times always with the same specs and on the same host with the same IP and DNS and with the same routine, you will have issue with different apps, even the official ones, i’ll would say searx by exemple.

Also, it’s a non say rules but if you want to be able to use your carddav into roundcube you need to deploy owncloud or baikal before.

The community is quite active too, but not as much than here.
Like Nethserver it could be installed over a minimal deployment.

Their main competitor is Cozy and ArkOS

What I don’t like it’s they don’t push all the same right and use the same user way when you look into /var/www/html
sometime it’s root, sometime it’s www-data and sometime a specific user for the apps and they can’t truly tell you why and when but if you try to normalise those you break everything and they don’t have any kind of snort.

I like their large list of software, but again their all at different stage of development and not always well maintain even the official apps.

And the end i’ll say it’s good as a intranet for individual, family or a small business.

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It’s a good point for reflexion:
Nethserver actualy can act as gateway / firewall / ad server / file server./ Webserver.

It actually lack of NAS feature, that could sweet for SME target.

We could think about "what kind of software a SME would / should use?
For me a caldav and carddav ( like Radical?) could be a good feature to help manage smartphone and tablet adress book and agendas.
Perhaps a webdav service could be a good additional feature…

i don’t know if SME are on demand of WIKI or such functions…

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Radical and WebDav it is all consists in Owncloud

Exact Owncloud have caldav / carddav / webdav.

but Owncloud has lot of functions, sometime a modular or more specific software could be preferable.
i said this, but I love Owncloud, I use it… But I said this with in mind modularity, like Nethserver has.

DokuWiki it is preferable to small business or home usage , but unfortunately dokuwiki has no IOS app , so we need some WIKI for bussiness and for home usage.

Nethserver has two ways to expend:
1 ) As an all in one solution, it coud expend. as a NAS function. ( this could be another thead )

  1. Expend the catalog of apps.
    with Owncloud , SOGO, Roundcube and Girafa, we can imagine adding a DSM ( Document Management System), perhaps an ECM ( Entreprise Content Management ), because lot of small enterprises have difficulties to manage their documents productions…
    And nothing prevent for some homeuse apps…

Might be interesting for you, I was a true enthusiasm about yunohost so I start a complete cycle of deployment and making a recipe to avoid trouble when I install…
So this was my comparatif of their app, I was using that to help me to decide which apps and how to promote, by comparing them to a major apps like google calendar, …
when the cell it’s in red it because I was’nt able to stabilise the deployment of the apps

I agree it might be interressant for NethServer to have this kind of apps library and or simply a script where you could call a bounch of github project like this :

I’ve downloaded it yesterday, didn’t have time to install it yet.

Anyone already knows yunohost developers? Directly I mean

I know them…they are french and mostly around toulouse

Good to know! These guys are really good with WebUI… Impressive work. Do you think that they could be interested to something more “business” oriented?

Hi don’t personally know them or him but, [Kloadut][1] also develop for Cozy which is obviously more business oriented.
If you need a French Speaker I could be the ressource.
[1]: https://github.com/Kloadut

As @JOduMonT said, Kload had joind Cozycloud

Cozycloud is an Owncloud alternative…

Cozy is more an alternative to YunoHost, ArkOS or CloudFleet, because it’s include something like owncloud and offer the opportunities of installing apps and focusing on selfhosting for individual/small cie.