Hosting WebSite

after being frenetic and posting around into this forum and having few answer I still having issue with using NethServer as a Webserver for PHP Website.

For now I just put a config file into /etc/httpd/conf.d/
and depose the website into /var/www/html/

I know it’s totally not the BestPractice but it’s works.

When I try to use Shared Folders and put my PHP files into those directories I receive different errors like :
don’t have permission into the directory
by default it’s centos:locals having the ownership
i’d tried root:apache like when it’s into /var/www/html but I still have the same error

db accounts show dev :
Description=dev pour test

So I would like to ask if it’s possible to have a HowTo Hosting a Website for Dummies with NethServer :smiley:

This is thing for our friend master of dummies @sitz :wink:

You’re mixing two concept, shared folders and manually configuration using conf.d
Do you want a php website on root? Create a shared folder, enable web access, configure the root path
Then access your folder by samba and put in your php files.
Does it work for you? Please past some screenshot too, picture is worth a thousand words

I have no picture :wink:
but my nethserver is’nt into a LAN, i mostly use it to offer VPN, LDAP structure, Owncloud and PHP Website like WordPress and others
So using shared folder don’t really make sense in that case.
I’m fine with my method, which means uploading /var/www/html/

I was wondering what NethServer propose as a BestPractice
or maybe if it’s possible to make a module like
where we will be able to deploy multiple time and where it will be possible to configure some PHP parameter like memory, timeout, AllowOverride, …
something like :

Also; I saw it before, but can’t find it when I need it; (Murphy’s Law)
how it’s possible to make modification permanent
exemple : if I modify /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf

Thanks for your follow :slight_smile: