DHCP services IP4 option 66,150 for TFTP

NethServer Version: 7.6
**Module:**DHCP server


I need both options 66 and 150 for Asterisk an Cisco IP phones (with Cisco protocoll sccp)
please no discussions abaut sip on cisco phones i spend a lot of tme by my phones restarts in cylces of 3 minits. so i will try sccp

I am understanding that the configuration of DNS DHCP and TFTP ist in

Looks like 2 edit 30dhcp

    my $tftp_server = $_->prop('DhcpTFTP') || '';
    if ($tftp_server ne '') {
       foreach (split(',',$tftp_server)) {
           $OUT .= "dhcp-option=tag:$interface,option:tftp-server,\"$_\"\n";
    } else {
       if ($tftpstatus eq 'enabled') {
           $OUT .= "dhcp-option=tag:$interface,option:tftp-server,$ipaddr\n";

I am trying to edit this lines

$OUT .= “dhcp-option=tag:$interface,option:tftp-server,$ipaddr\n”;

$OUT .= “dhcp-option=tag:$interface,66:tftp-server,$ipaddr\n”;
$OUT .= “dhcp-option=tag:$interface,150:tftp-server,$ipaddr\n”;

and it looks like i had 2 config TFTPserver adressesper option

but than DNSMASK ar not running again :frowning:
did anybody had a idea ?

IIRC you must specify the option by name or by id.
So the lines should become something like this:

$OUT .= “dhcp-option=tag:$interface,66,$ipaddr\n”;
$OUT .= “dhcp-option=tag:$interface,150,$ipaddr\n”;

I don’t have a machine to test it right now, but you can check dnsmasq man.
Also see /var/log/messages, dnsmasq should output a specific error if something goes wrong.