Development status update

NethServer 7 is officially out, but the work is not over!

We just released a bunch of bug fixes thanks to your feedback:

  • Install on CentOS: nethserver-install fails #5218
  • Squid parent proxy can no be set to ADDRESS:PORT in Ui #5217
  • Help the sysadmin on configuring the accounts provider #5215
  • Disk usage: no graph showed #5214
  • OpenVPN: clients not restarted after modification #5213
  • Support short login with POP3 #5212

We are now focusing on 3 main tasks:

  • bug fixing
  • upgrade from SME to NS 7
  • upgrade from NS 6 to NS 8

NethServer 6 is not dead and it will continue to be supported and receive updates until 2020: no rush to upgrade production environments :wink:


on? :smiley:

More info about that on our github

Open issues


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