Devel docs V7 unavailable

Is there an issue with the devel docs? Search engines like Google or Duckduckgo show links to pages not working…

Latest devel docs are working but there’s no V7 anymore…

…so V7 doesn’t work:


I can confirm this. You have the latest version but for which version?!?
I found a reference about version here but is for old version (7.2.1511-beta1).

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I think it’s related to this PR from @giacomo :


Mmh, I think I did a mistake… :blush: It’s not up to Giacomo!

Edit: should be fixed now


Yesterday I splitted the docs sources: the admin manual is still in docs repo, whilst the developer manual is now under the dev repository.

The reason to do it is to avoid triggering unnecessary builds in readthedocs (for community) and Travis (for Enterprise), as each commit affects either dev or admin manual.

The issue arose by the lack of a v7 branch in the dev repository.

I’m considering to move the hosting to a VPS and run builds with Travis also for community because we have free hands to maintain redirects from old contents.