Devel docs V6 missing

The link to the Nethserver 6 developer docs is wrong on this page:

Seems the V6 devel docs are not reachable anymore, I tried to find them by search engines without success.

Maybe related: Devel docs V7 unavailable

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I think we lost if when we moved the doc from docs repository to dev.

@davidep what can we do about it?
Is it acceptable to not have the v6 doc and just fixing the link? (I’d say yes :smiley: )

IIRC The dev docs v6 branch was closed before the migration to because all new developments are addressed to v7.

If you really need to access the historical v6 developer manual look at

…I could add a tag to mark the commit before developer-manual was erased.

…and also fix

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Thanks, I just noticed it when trying to help here: PPTP and GRE Protocol passthrough (NOT SOLVED)

Yes, that would be nice.