Custom HELO not working

When typing

config setprop postfix HeloHost
signal-event nethserver-mail-common-save


config getprop postfix HeloHost

does return on the command line, but when doing a reverse DNS check online or viewing the source of a sent e-mail (from my Nethserver) I see the hostname (FQDN f.e. myhostname.localdomain.lan) as specified on Nethserver itself.

So, the command doesn’t seem to be propagating to the right confs in Nethserver. Am I forgetting something?

Using Nethserver 6.5

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The HELO is sent during the SMTP chat thus is not reported in the mail message headers.

The receiving server could have written the HELO value into the mail log.

tcpdump on port 25 can also be used to intercept it.

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