Config: command not found

NethServer release 7.3.1611

  • fresh install as an email server (thanks devs/supporters !); tweaking to get gmail users not get bounce backs to my domain

  • first tweak is modifying the HELO response; per the docs:

config setprop postfix HeloHost
signal-event nethserver-mail-common-save

  • response is:

bash: config: command not found

Any ideas ?

The config command is in /sbin/e-smith/ directory. It is added to root’s $PATH. If Bash does not find that command it’s for one of the following reasons

  • the shell is not Bash
  • the current user is not root
  • the PATH has been modified

Please paste here the output of the following commands:

echo $PATH

Fresh install with just the email module added

[admin@mail ~]$ su
[root@mail admin]# config setprop postfix HeloHost
bash: config: command not found
[root@mail admin]# echo $BASH_VERSION
[root@mail admin]# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
[root@mail admin]# echo $PATH

Hi, as @davidep pointed, just add e-smith to the PATH, issue the command:


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The correct command is

su -

The “-” (minus) character is important: it runs a login shell where PATH is correctly evaluated.

…and the shell runs with su and is not a login one


Thanks !