Create a ns8 repository for developers

Hello mates

there are ten years I opened my personal repository and the first things I did was to document the path to reproduce it. Few years later, well in real quite some long years after I was in Brussels and it was the first time that I met @mrmarkuz.

Beside a beer that we were sharing, waiting all the Nethservians team, I pushed markus to open his own repository and I am happy that he did it…my documentation has been used to spread the world about how to make a repository

This is what I would like to offer just a quick way to open your repo for NS8

A developer needs to decide what, when, and how a software must be released

after that you can create the repository by adding

Of course you have to add you own module by adding a PR

this is the files you have to add inside a sogo folder


to release go to the project repository of the app here ns8-sogo and add a new release with a tag

add a release like 1.0.0 for stable version and 1.0.0-dev.1 for testing version

set the latest release for stable or pre-release for dev


As always @stephdl is “Tha Man” with a large community hart!

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how does one define custom domain to this?

I presume a cname to should work?

Reverse proxy or a redirect permanent should do the trick

i think we would also need to pripritize

As well as

I think I was Succesful in the endeavour
GenForge modules index for NS8 | ns8-genforge (

Hopefully it would make testing easier for community members.

I ran into this issue when setting up a custom domain
GitHub Pages resets custom domain for deployment every time I push to gh-pages · community · Discussion #22366 · GitHub

Luckily, seems the Neth team also got the same issue, and in the build script, replace the domain with your own to resolve the issue.


Share the solution please and welcome to your personal repository

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@stephdl could you kindly help me figure out why, no matter what i try to do, Joplin is not listing on my repo at all.

Sorry my cristal ball is broken I need some guidance. I do not know where to go

If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape!