Coturn installation and connection on a separate server than nextcloud and riot

NethServer Version: latest
Module: nextcloud

I would like to understand, is it a good idea to have a server setup as a cotrun server, and be used by nextcloud and riot.matrix on another different server, or is it advisable to have both installe don the same server.

Also, can i get a proper tutorial for installing coturn and having it work.
i would really appreceate to get a proper howto for installing cotrun, and configuring it to communicate with nextcloud, as well as riot.

anyone willing to assist on this matter.

On Ejabberd 20.01 needs testers topic I see you have already tried to install coturn following Testing and configuring Nextcloud Talk guide. From what I recall, I had some trouble with the certificate and at that time tested by copying one of the local nethserver certs and key to another location chowning to turnserver user.

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i keep following that tutorial, but not unless somehting has changed… let me share error here.
i guess the bigger issue is on the auth secret

i was able to use Testing and configuring Nextcloud Talk

to setup coturn.

the question i have is. is a siganling server a must, and how can that be configured?
If you need to use Talk with more than 5-10 users in the same call, you will need the Spreed High Performance Back-end from Nextcloud GmbH

There’s only one supported signaling server: Nextcloud Talk High-Performance Back-End

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i should have known that in the first place.

Now i am wondering why i bothered to install the TUN and STURN server

then should focus on integrating jitsi as a self hosted solution for Matrix/synapse @mrmarkuz