Coturn installation and connection on a separate server than nextcloud and riot

NethServer Version: latest
Module: nextcloud

I would like to understand, is it a good idea to have a server setup as a cotrun server, and be used by nextcloud and riot.matrix on another different server, or is it advisable to have both installe don the same server.

Also, can i get a proper tutorial for installing coturn and having it work.
i would really appreceate to get a proper howto for installing cotrun, and configuring it to communicate with nextcloud, as well as riot.

anyone willing to assist on this matter.

On Ejabberd 20.01 needs testers topic I see you have already tried to install coturn following Testing and configuring Nextcloud Talk guide. From what I recall, I had some trouble with the certificate and at that time tested by copying one of the local nethserver certs and key to another location chowning to turnserver user.

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i keep following that tutorial, but not unless somehting has changed… let me share error here.
i guess the bigger issue is on the auth secret

i was able to use Testing and configuring Nextcloud Talk

to setup coturn.

the question i have is. is a siganling server a must, and how can that be configured?
If you need to use Talk with more than 5-10 users in the same call, you will need the Spreed High Performance Back-end from Nextcloud GmbH

There’s only one supported signaling server: Nextcloud Talk High-Performance Back-End

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i should have known that in the first place.

Now i am wondering why i bothered to install the TUN and STURN server

then should focus on integrating jitsi as a self hosted solution for Matrix/synapse @mrmarkuz

Just adding some links regarding nextcloud videoconferencing:


wow, thats wonderful news. Now maybe we can get tinkering to get it properly intergated into our nextcloud instance.

If anyone has already done it, let us know. Shoutout to @Andy_Wismer @mrmarkuz

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Nethserver development team, is that something we can adopt and have integrated into Nethserver, so that we have a nextcloud installation that can host more people on nethserver?

Also came across this, that can be used as Signaling server.


I am curious about testing this high performance backend.

Ill try to play about with it, and know what comes out of it.
Anyone else interested in testing, and geeting it up to speed

i would like to try and install this on enthserver, but i am not sure how to go about installing the docker solution

Here is a howto about docker: