Coronavirus, How are our Italians?

Here in the U.S. it’s mainly YOLO. Our president’s looking for the losers to die of it, definitely passive eugenics. Anyone got a spare room for my family? :frowning:

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USA has a close call to decide… I hope that most of USA people will vote for let DC know who they want.

Again… Hoping for a world that will become one to find the best way for fight the disease.


So sad man, keep safe :frowning:
How’s your family?

We’re fine, thanks for asking, I’m just sick of living in a society where most folks are just going about their business and if anyone catches it and they die, well, they were weak, they needed to die and that was God’s will, I guess.




If you had a positive Corona test - and NO symptoms - and just by bad luck got run over by a truck with defective brakes…

Yeah, the corona death stats go up one more…

This is really sad!


I’m neither a corona disbeliever, nor do I like conspiracy idiots. We all need to put some effort in this, to overcome corona. But the state has to give correct and believable stats!

My 2 cents


Yeah, unfortunately, we in America now live in a Zero Trust society.

This is a long, difficult, interesting and really tough debate… which cannot be made here. IMVHO not the right place and not the right way to talk about that.

Anyway i really hate the way some Italians are dis-behaving about considering the situation: facemasks are not a lifesaver for themselves, but for other people! It’s still a long way to mark the situation “managed”, and this approach of not following the indications could lead a bigger set of issues. And again… Even with almost 6k new cases today, Italy is having a less tough situation than UK, France, Spain, Italy is quite close to Germany into numbers, and i’d like not waste this little advantage against the virus.

To all buddies (and ladies) of this community: keep staying safe, whataver “staying safe” means to you.


interesting yes. It depends how old are you, what pathology you have. life is like a rope where only one strand remains…if it breaks it’s over

Young and strong no problems, In retirement home it becomes a huge problem

My wife’s in medicine, it is not “no problems” for the young and strong, the young and strong have no way of knowing if they’re part of the very small subset of the population that is particularly susceptible.

This is where the sacrificial acceptance comes into play. A good portion of the population has the attitude to just shrug and say ‘it sucks to be you’ because anything else is too inconvenient.

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Today, my daughter (8) and her mother were about to go to birthday party. They got a call, the person with the birthday has a severe cold, as well as her son.

Obviously everything was cancelled…

Danger close, by the hour…

in brd is a fake pandemic…