Coronavirus, How are our Italians?


In german, the old proverb:

Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm.
-> The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

And sometimes the sad truth:

Der Apfel fault nicht weit vom Stamm.
-> The apple doesn’t rot far from the tree…

A heads up to Canada!

My 2 cents

The previous name of this law was “War Measures Act”.

Look at the previous one who used it in 1970 and what he did…
…400 arrested and after a long time, all released without charges…

A real banana republik!


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Here in Montreal at 22h26 HAE, all the people from a full trans-atlantic plane arriving directly from Spain are getting out, through the gates of the Montreal Trudeau International Airport (which is under Federal juridiction i.e. Justin), free as birds without absolutely no restriction - no questions, only on paper…, no temperature taken, no mask…

Time to wake up Justin:partying_face: Take care of the people more than you took care of your wife!


Maybe i were wrong first when i mentioned the messy blonde guy of UK, but i think that was quite distant from politics, much more closer to think about UK people as european people, brexit or not.

In a couple of days more activities will be shut down, for increasing the people isolation. Also last evening a new act tells people to do not leave its municipality where they are, unless the short list of allowed activities/job or serious health problem.
Most of the job allowed are related to food production and distribution (from field to the store), waste management, power production and distribution, TLC, transportation, fleet management and repairs. Long story short: keep the machine running, from hospitals to supermarkets.

Many people has been stupid during the last 14 days.
A guy changed municipality only to meet friends and hangout for six consecutive days. He’s banned from to that municipality for the next year.
A lot of people ran from northern italy to the south where the family (parents and grands) are living, trying to excape contagion. Most of them won’t announciate to destination for self containment, few of them has been caught on motorways.
Until few days ago, no cafeteria were open, except along motorways. Several people, for having breakfast “the usual way” took motorways (most are toll payed) only to go into the cafe and have some cappuccino, espresso and pastry. Now even motorway cafeteria are opened only for take away.
30 people of the same block took a barbecue on the rooftop of their building. 10 of them were fined and charged, some want to beat up the people who signaled them to the cops.

It has been a lot of people being stupid. Which is a lot less of will work today (most from home, but not all), struggling with rules, trying to not be stupid enough to being infected or create some unnecessary mess.
Last data says about 47k ill persons (verified and registered), little more than 7k healed. Lots of people are assuming that the same amount of registered sick people is still sick but untested and unregistered.
I would like to remember that is only a small part of people living in italy, which are about 60M. And believe me… they have to do something after Covid-19 :wink:

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After this Corona Toliet Crisis we had more work than ever. We had to take back the world and the human rigths. But that will be a long figth for all the good people. We had be care that the inside brown fashists dont coming back …

What are all my italian freinds are singing … "Bella tschau … " . Heare the lyric and understand them. That is the best part of ialian music and now mutch more impotand … So be a PARTISAN.

I never thinking that i had to figth like my grandpa

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Tech, stuff, ideas, crafting.
I hope that other states of europe can take some advantage from the french product and the italian accessory.
Which is patented but available to anyone who wants or needs to use it.
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The South African president just announced a 21 day lockdown from Thursday 26 March to 13 April for ALL people except defined essential worker.

That was darn fast! Faster than the UK!

Several companies subscribed “Solidarietà Digitale” for helping Italian companies and citizens to improve status about remote work, entertainment, connectivity, services or digital platforms.
One of them is Amazon, who provides AWS promotional credits for cloud computing.
This can be an nice opportunity for which don’t have on-premises NethServer setup to verify if it’s possible to have a VPS on Amazon with NethServer. The goal? Collaborative platforms, like MatterMost (instead of Telegram) for keeping connected teams and colleagues.
NextCloud seems not suitable for me (privacy concerns, problems into exporting-importing data), even use another mailserver it’s a bad idea.
Also, for whom do not have a public IP or port forward, maybe this remote endpoint can be used for VPN headquarters and the remote workers.


@mike I know someone already has given a shot at installing NethServer in AWS and raised a support ticket for help on 1 or 2 issues in regards to that.

I’ve been meaning to give it a shot for the past 2-3 years but haven’t found the time. Think if I can get my workload sorted I’ll see if I can make a little project out of it and develop a good solution. Will share it with the community if I’m able to. If I do get to do it, I may start a separate thread to bounce certain ideas/thoughts/requirements off different people.

I think having a solution to have NethServer running in AWS or GCP or Azure would be a good idea for situations like this.


A few days ago I pointed to this idea in a Dutch tech community and a 3D printer group. But I must say I am a bit disappointed about the lack of response towards this (IMO) very pragmatic approach.
It’s cheap, and widely available. Creating the valves is very easy with a 3D printer. If the needs are realy big, a mold can be created so the valve can be casted instead of printed.

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The project is useful when certified medical equipment is not available anymore. Also, for being effective must be assembled and use by trained medical people, who know which kind of equipment is installed into hospitals.
So if you have (for instance) no masks for 10 or more persons because the certified one are allready used for other people, the snorkeling mask and the two valve can be used for help breathing.

It’s stated into the link when why and how use it, because it has no sense being used instead of FFP2 or FFP3 masks.

I am really pi**ed by Italy in second place at CoViD Cup.

Wait the US, they always win all competitions.

More seriously it is a global issue now, I only hope that the virus could not be more contagious.

Actually in France the government is hidding the truth, people are not tested and if you are old and living in a nursing home, we have no rooms for you at the hospital. Because we do not test you after your death, it is a natural death.

So the numbers are false in France

I think that the rule of “test people” is also pursuited by China… Too steady the number IMVHO


The numbers everywhere are pretty much false or inaccurate as:

  • not everyone is being tested so we don’t know the true number of infections
  • not everyone who is infected and/or died from COVID-19 has agreed to be included in the public statistics. I know this could very well be true in the UK as the medical professionals have to get consent to do so.
  • Since this began, some deaths were unrelated to COVID-19 and others were due to COVID-19. Problem is (and this is especially true), not all those who died were tested for COVID-19 and therefore they are not included in the stats and this skews the numbers as well.
  • Some people will have refused to get tested and therefore its unconfirmed if they have the virus and therefore not included in the stats.

So the reality is we’ll never know the true numbers and scale for this pandemic.

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I’m guessing governments are hiding the numbers everywhere, just
to avoid mass pannick more than it’s already here. Also, you
always need to take numbers with granes of sault, because the
amounts of tests performed (if the number increases) will also
increase the number of infections. Now that we’re “trained” in
finding the simptoms and so on, that too helps to modify the
numbers. The bitter reality of this whole situation is that we’re
not prepared what so ever, for such pandemics, and that hospitals
and doctors have the most difficult moral tasks to perform by
choosing who to help survive, we can find not giving rooms for
elderly people an abomination, but just imagine what doctors and
nurses and so on have to go through, they after all, call the
shots here.

  To close this message, and i know i'm repeating myself, don't

forget to go folding at home (),
700K+ terraflops and growing, and sadly linux is a minority… so
let’s change that. nethserver certainly can handle it, if you want
it to, …

We here in the U.S. are definitely practicing the hold my beer approach to dealing with the pandemic. The States surrounding mine have all gone to Stay at Home orders but our Governor is a conservative republican walking lockstep with the President so it’s likely we won’t see any isolation orders until our hospitals are saturated with the sick. Our HCW’s are working with very little and rationed PPE.
We may lead the world in deaths and the only concern from our President is how it’s going to affect his reelection.

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Thank for your testimonial @fasttech…we are all humans and we leave on the same earth, this is the lesson of this crisis. I wonder sometimes that we all have forgotten this truth.

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Hello tecis

her i my region they printed al lot of shidls. The make do it by them selfs and so they supported the medical sector. One Self organsation is

What are the Makers doing in italy, france and all over the world… ?

thx Axel

we lost 17 old people in three days :frowning: in my hometown Wolfsburg, Germany

Lack of devices allowed not only a small company of Alessandria to “convert” the Decathlon Snorkeling mask into a way for ventilate.
But also, a small company from Ferrara (near) can help transform the snorkeling masks into FFP3 masks connecting to that industrial FFP3 filters. AFAIK the projects and the sliced file are available to anyone who needs to produce them; an hospital near Modena (Sassuolo) ordered some of the connectors.