Configuration outlook imap / pop3 and which other possible?

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: email, nextcloud

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if you can configure the outlook client in a similar way to the excange mapi.
I would like to avoid configuring in POP3 and IMAP.
Where can I find the necessary information?
Thank you

If you’re wanting to avoid needing to manually configure your clients, see this:

If you’re instead talking about using a different protocol than POP/IMAP/SMTP, I don’t believe there are any other options.

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For mail you have to do it with IMAP or POP3, have a look for the settings here:

For calendars and contacts, SOGo, Horde or WebTop is needed, you can use caldav synchronizer or since Outlook 2013 ActiveSync.