Comparison: BackupPC vs UrBackup


Hi guys,

Which is better?
BackupPC or UrBackup?


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Sorry cannot help with that (used urBackup some years back and never tried BackupPC).

@greavette, @stephdl, @flatspin, @Hunv may be able to give a first-hand opinion. :wink:

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Sadly I can’t comment (haven’t used either yet…but I’m willing to give them a spin at some point). :slight_smile:

Once I get my prod server up and running I can look at new tasks to test nethserver!

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Hi guys,

Thank you for your answers!
I read some articles about both backup tools but …
I will read again the official documentations.
I know that the best way to find is to test both and see which is better, at least by my point of view, but I thought that I can use other’s experience. And here, there are a lot of guys with enough experience!


Good thinking @dnutan to split and create this topic!
Maybe we can share opinions which will help everybody.

Hi, I also only use UrBackup and it works pretty well except for “imaging” instead of Backup. But this is also not the main topic of that product, of cause.

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For my experience
I am using backuppc for at least 2 years with 20 clients, urbackup i used it for a short time with 3 clients.
Backuppc: Restore files really simple (from the web interface directly to the client), choosing the date of the version to be restored. 20 clients today occupy 1TB of our disk. Only backup specific folders.
Urbackup: Performs a full backup of the whole system, in theory you could completely restore windows (I’ve never had the pleasure :-)). 3 clients have saturate me a 3TB disk in no time

For Backuppc I used this guide
For backing up the servers I’m using


I’m using only urbackup with 12 Clients for about 1 year. Only folderbackup.
Using urbackup 1.4.14 on NS 6.9

Pro’s: :smile:

It’s easy to use and restore is also easy.
Statistics are clearly and understandable.
It works very stable. Since I installed it, it runs and made no trouble.
Centralized and easy managing of client-rights.

Con’s :worried:

Workload on the client is high IMO.
The imaging-function I never used, because that would burst diskspace.
Diskutilisation is high, because it has no compression.
EDIT: Clientsoftware has to be installed on each clientmachine

The next weeks I’ll have a look on urbackup 2 on NS7.
If I can tell more then, I’ll do. :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!


Can you tell how high is the network load?
I am planning to setup a backup server with NS7 and urbackup and i was wondering about the network load - i will have +/- 50-70 clients

What I love with backuppc is the multi platform way. You can backup by samba or rsync, no need to install a client to backup your remote host.
All can be set up by the web interface, from the restoration to the management. The UI could give a oldy look but it is efficient.

What I hate with urbackup…too much windows oriented. I’m even not sure that the linux client is available for all linux…you might need to compile it


Sorry, I can’t tell an exact number, but during backup the client machine is sgnificantly slower.
It’s clear that this is because of the high hdd-load.

In Urbackup you can only give a timewindow for clientbackup e.g. 24h. So on Monday every client starts his backup after boot. If your clients all boot e.g. on 08:00 on Monday, you will recongice a heavy networkload if 50 clients are backing up at the same time. In a 1Gb-net there are only 20 mbit per client left in this case.

At least I couldn’t figure out how to manage this in another way with urbackup. For me it’s no problem, because we only have 12 clients.

I think the best way is that the users to be forced by the AD policy to read/write/save directly on server. So, Samba AD & File Server.
The load of the network will be significantly lower, even if 100 users will save in the same time an own document.
The server will function 24h/day. Will be easier to make backup from one location (the File Server) to a backup location, whatever is that location, during night.
Also, the security will increase.

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