Community Hangout on 30th July

Hi guys I’d like to participate to nethserver’s hangout… When will be the next one ?

EDIT by Alessio:
Link for follow the hangout:

link to the g+ event

Guess next week, how about 29/30th? Doodle started:

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@sitz @AbsyntH @warren_midgley @Ctek @etino @andreac @Nas @davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti @jgjimenezs @vcc @dz00te do you want to join us?

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Hi Alessio, Yes I’ll try to participate, depending on the hour.
Best regards


Check your preferred time on doodle


I want to join

Great @vcc come on guys I have some interesting topics for the next hangout!
@giuse check the doodle link above and fill out your preferences

I’m in! :smile:

Uh a lot of preferences for 11 CEST on 29th and 30th
6 people (with me) if @vcc could check also this time…

EDIT: @Giuseppe_Trianti are you in?

Works for me.

How can I aceess the hangout?
I have to signup in some place?

I don’t have a clue how this works

Google account is enough, PM me your gmail address and I’ll send you an invite.

thursday 30th at 11 CEST sounds good, I gonna create the event on Hangout OnAir with:
@mabeleira @Ctek @sitz @vcc @giacomo and me
post here some topics to speak about
There already a list from @Ctek

I would like to speak about versioning (not sure is the correct word), like
recomennding packages sets (or versions) for firewall/ids, Samba/Ad,
Mail/Groupware, Web/apps, monitoring, virtualization, etc.

Because now neth is getting bigger and bigger, and sometimes it can be
confusing for newbies, but its just a thought.

I think this will help the building of comparisson with other versions
docs, arquitecture docs and diagrams.

Also i would like to more about Enterprise version features, and prices if
already thought on that, i would love to present it as viable alternative
at my company.


This command could help you

rpm -qa | grep name_of_the_package 

but why not, we can speak about it

Sorry, no way to discuss this on a community hangout! :wink:
Feel free to send an email to there are smart guys over there

I know that i can do everything on the server and the packages required,
what i meant was disccussing if we can build a set of like prebuilt
functions that install the packages, and the recommended arquitecture for
that. Its great that ns can perform all that functions, but i’m not sure if
thats the best practice. For example you can have firewall, web and mail
server o on the same ns, but is that the correct practice? Wont it be
better to have a ns firewall and ns for mail and web.

That’s a good question, we can discuss this on hangout :smile:

Just edited first post with the link to the event!

no I 'm sorry.
I am going to Milan.
Anyway, I will try to connect on channel dedicated

Today is the hangout day, 11 Am CEst
With many amazing guys! @mabeleira @Ctek @sitz @vcc @giacomo (maybe @nas too!)

We’re onair from 15 minutes, join us on the link below: