Community Hangout on 15th July

  • Briefly presentation of participants
  • Where NethServer and his community is now and what we are going for? solution wise. Set the "All in one " or special purpose goal, with versatility in mind. Could be both options or a mix of options.
  • discuss the features that make the NS available in the “market”, and improve them so the base line is rock solid

With: @alefattorini @warren_midgley @Ctek @andreac @etino @jgjimenezs

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i’m maybe online 19:30 CEST?

Yes, do you wanna join us?

Yep, my engl not so good! I’l try!

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@Nas also my ones isn’t so good… so don’t worry :wink:

Sorry guys, these were my rides, I’m not gonna make it home on time, have a great chat

@nas @Ctek @alefattorini nice to talk with you!

I like very much the hangout of today, it was very interesting. I will wait the report :wink:

Due to a few absences we had to postpone the onair hangout live on YouTube but it has been the opportunity to chat togheter about NethServer with @etino @Ctek and @nas. Thanks guys

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Hi guys,
We have touched on a few points and here is the short note on what was discussed.

where NS is now and what we are going for? solution wise.
set the "All in one " or special purpose goal, with versatility in mind. Could be both options or a mix of options (see below the template solution)

Alessio has understood that the question is important for the users and he explained that Nethserver will remain a “All-in-one” server distribution.
There will be no change in focus of the company, to start reducing the functions (aka Zentyal). And the main purpose is to be able to deliver a product (a server platform) that will be versatile for almost every usage.

Another point was:
propose some templates at first install for the user to choose (gateway, gateway+proxy+AV, gateway+mail,
gateway+web+mail, mail +AD, Everything or Custom, etc)
this could be useful in reducing the first configuration complexity

Together with Nas, Alessio and Stephano we discussed on how we can improve the usability.
The posibility to have a template/role base setup wizard after the installer finishes was proposed.
This will be very usefull for new users that maybe don’t know what to do next after the installation.

In this case, after you finish the instalation you are presented with a screen to choose the roles that you want your server to do. You select them and then hit “Apply role(s)”.

After all the roles you have selected are installed, the user will be presented with a setup wizard that will run trough all the steps. (and in the proper order! )

In this way we touch some points regarding:

  • user-frendly,
  • Fail safe that you do not skip (forget to install) some packages that will ruin the setup
  • easy setup procedure (next-next-next)
  • less time to setup the server (no longer searching for “what did i miss to set up?” question)

This has to be refined, and some draft sketch to be presented, a workflow also has to be drafted so the developers have a start point to begin.
We (the community) need to offer some input on this :smile:

Another point was the openness of the system.
NS i open, and is welcoming developers to start create their modules. A proposal for having a “Marketplace” was discussed and it seemed very interesting for NS.
This will allow users to develop free/paid modules. In this way we expand the features, options available on NS.

Another ideea was to be able to buy modules from NS that are in the “Enterprise” version. Maybe you o not need the whole enterprise setup and you just want x module.

Also the “visibility” of NS on the market was a discussion point and we need to make NS more visible in order to be tried / adopted by more users. So any ideas that you may have, put it here to be discussed.
Don’t be shy guys, give your feedback so we can all benefit.

Also regarding the usability of NS compared to other software was discussed.
create alternative tool(s) for managing users/groups (like windows AD mmc, or Zentyal etc) something to be more familiar to administrators.”

We need to see how we can add/modify/create features or options for NS to be more familiar for users that are switching from other systems. Like: MS, Zentyal, RedHat etc.
So, we need to give feedback on this if we want to see the changes :smile:

I hope i did not miss anything and most important i hope that i did write correctly what we discussed on Hangout.

Please guys give your feedback/ideas/opinion on this.

Best regards


I apologize to you, I could not attend due to a migraine that I altered cardiac stress.

@jgjimenezs how is your going ?

Currently under treatment better, Thanks

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Your ideas are great. Especially to choose first which kind of server you need and than you go step by step through the installation and setup.

IMVHO the manual need some improvement as well. During my installation I missed important points or it was only a short descriptions which doesn’t help if something doesn’t work as it should.
I worked with many different software in my life and what makes a big different how easy I could work with it was the user interface and the documentation.

What would be the best way to add this missing information in the docu? To post it or to add it direct?

If you have a github account (who doesn’t) you could fork the docs and modify them.

OK. If its ok if I add the information than is fine. It isn’t in my intention to go over some person who may responsible.

To make Nethserver more public I would like to write to me favoured computer magazine in Germany at They have a download page with a bunch of different software from free to commercial.
They need following information I don’t know:
Email address of the company
Name of the company

Also I could write to the reporter. From time to time they have reports about server and server software in the c’t magazine and other magazines they have as well.

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Stefan That’s super!
It is exactly what NS is missing! Congratulations for your Idea and support!
That’s what we need, more ideeas/actions like this

Best regards

It’s a community, fork and merge are the way to go. Don’t worry, go ahead (and be ready to argue to merge pull requests).

Regarding the company, is it important for a community project? I’ll write to you in private.

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It is done.
I will check regularly and if Nethserver is listed I will post it.

In the next days I will write an email to one of the reporter and if in a report the Nethserver is mention I will post. it.

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