Combine mail user and ftp user

When adding an FTP user is it possible to use a mail user so that the same password is used for both, especially as the user can change their own password. Also if the user has ssh access, use the user’s home directory for FTP.

Also a couple of issues adding FTP users. The system allows an FTP user to be created, but without a password. Maybe this should raise an error.

More worrying is that if an FTP user is created with the same name as a normal user, then that user no longer appears on the Users UI display.


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You could change config as well, and read the Doc :
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I don’t get it. Can you make an example?
By the way you shouldn’t use system users for FTP access since FTP password is transmitted in clear text.

These sounds as GUI bug, I will open both.

New bug:

Good, we have a new bug reporter here :+1:

The package will be available for QA since tomorrow:

@EddieA would you like to test it? Ask our testing team if you need help