What is this bug reporter badge?

You may or may have not noticed this new badge:


If a user in the group Dev Team likes the first post in a topic in category bug then the badge is issued.
Not only does it grant the badge daily, it will also grant it after one of the team “likes” a bug.
Superpowers for Dev Team :wink:

guess that @fasttech will be the first reporter

Uh! This group is growing: @fasttech @vcc @AZChas @gerald_FS @Tohid_Tamboli

Do you know that you can set this badge as title?
Check your profile

Wait… whaaa!? What did I do?!?


I thought I was a tester?


“Tester” badge could be the next level: Reported 10 bugs that were liked by the Dev team
What about?

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