Collabora on Nextcloud - What are the plans for this in nethserver

Hello nethserver forum,

Is Collabora scheduled to be added to Nextcloud or is this something that will be up to the users who install Nextcloud to install?

Are there instructions yet on how to add Collabora to Nexcloud?

Any gotchas or things to watch for if I were to install Collabora on my nethserver/Nextcloud?

Thank you.


Seeing as this post got moved to features I guess this means no one has tried installing Collabora yet on Nextcoud?

Collabora has provided a method to install using Docker. Hopefully this means it won’t be much work for the nethserver dev team to add it to nethserver/nextcloud. I may spin up a test nethserver and try it out but will most likely wait till nethserver has provided a proper method to install it on nethserver so as I can not break our soon to be production version.

Is there any indication from the @dev_team if Collabora is being considered on a roadmap for nethserver/nextcloud?


@flatspin and @ghost ran some tests:

I’d also like to see this integrated within NethServer

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Sorry Team…I don’t know how I missed that already existing post regarding adding Collabora to Nextcloud in Nethserver - Collabora Online in Nethserver-Nextcloud.

I’ll watch that topic and keep my eyes opened on progress. Looks like a killer feature to add to nethserver!

We can move forward on that topic and close this.

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