Cockpit UI - validation messages

Minor/cosmetic bugs.
From Cockpit (System -> Trusted Netwoks -> Add Network):

The validation message suggest something like ‘’ (an IP address) instead of a network address. Using an IP address the settings cannot be saved and no validation message warns about the error:

Firewall objects. Missing strings for validation messages:
cockpit-firewall-objects-hosts-missing-validation-strings cockpit-firewall-objects-host-group cockpit-firewall-objects-cidr-valid-cidr-block cockpit-firewall-objects-time-condition-validation-messages

Firewall object services: some of the listed protocols cannot be used:
Also the service name can be anything. For instance, setting an space as name the service is saved but cannot be deleted.
Bug or feature? a service object with same port numbers as an existing one can be created.

Firewall -> Port Forward:
Also on port forward, allowed external public IPs (one per line) field is not validated.

nethserver-dc (create user/group) missing strings:

Note: This was tested with stable versions.

Cockpit packages from testing are not ready for use (blank pages on terminal and applications):

nethserver-base.noarch 0:3.7.3-1.3.g19916a8.ns7                               
nethserver-cockpit.noarch 0:1.1.2-1.2.gcfe40f9.ns7                            
nethserver-cockpit-lib.noarch 0:1.1.2-1.2.gcfe40f9.ns7

I’d like to add another not so cosmetic bug : when clicking on “Open” buttons in the Applications tab, the link should follow the virtualhost used to customise the links to access the apps like nextcloud and Sogo’s VirtualHost config key or Webtop’s PublicUrl key.

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Certificates seems to have some other missing validation strings messages:

Issue opened:

It should be already as you described, at least for all applications which implement the API.
I don’t know about SOGo, but nextcloud and mattermost should already have the described behavior.

Could you please open a separate topic if the problem persists?

You can check the new translation messages here:


Tested and verified !